Dhanjal Brothers: Setting New Standards In Kaloleni – Mavueni Road

Posted on April 28, 2010


An earlier photo taken during the early days of the project.

Indeed it has taken a better part of 3 years for the construction of the Mariakani – Kaloleni – Mavueni road, but at long last, the area residents are beginning to appreciate the wait, after getting a glimpse of the state of the art section of the road so far constructed.

In August 2007, President Mwai Kibaki gave the long suffering Kaloleni residents the good news, that the government will rehabilitate the Mariakani Mavueni road, Tarmac it and inject the much needed stimulus to development in the area.

In a visit to the area today, Mombasa411 reporters got a chance to see the 14 kilometre stretch that has so far been constructed and its impeccable.

It can be said with confidence that there is no road to rival the new stretch, except maybe the Mombasa Nairobi Chinese constructed highway.

The new road is elevated, Wider and considering that everything was done from scratch, paints a glossy picture of the seriousness  that the Dhanjal Brothers are taking on the project.

The company’s managing director, Mr. Daljit Dhanjal spoke to Mombasa411 and indicated that the best is yet to come.

“We are patriotic in the work we do. We are a wholly Kenyan operation and each project we undertake, we do it with our country at heart. That’s the pedestal that we have built our name on,” Daljit Dhanjal told Mombasa411.

We talked to area residents who apart from expressing their reservations on the delay of the project, concurred that it was a beautiful solid road.

Indeed, Dhanjal brothers have a long standing tradition of building quality roads in Kenya, with a number of the projects standing the test of time when other similar projects done by their peers crumbling ways before the expiry of their lifespan.

Some of the projects include:

  • Kengeleni – Kenol Road
  • Mombasa – Kilifi Highway
  • And a number of Mombasa town roads, among other projects.

Before the new road this were the scenes: boda bodas and the occasional minibus whose owner is risked costly engine repairs and overhauls.

For now, once the dust settles and the new Malindi Nairobi Bypass, that is the Mavueni Mariakani Road is officially commissioned, a legacy will remain: of the Impressive workmanship and Dedication that the Dhanjal family have placed on this wonderful project.

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