BREAKING NEWS: Top Mombasa DJ ‘Caught Out’ In Voi

A top Mombasa DJ and events organizer who until recently had a lucrative contract with a local beverage firm was Sunday caught out by his wife in a guest house in Voi.

Sources privy to the information, tell Mombasa411 that the top Dj was thoroughly embarassed by his wife of three years after he was caught in the presence of a teenage girlfriend at Voi’s Comfort Inn hotel.

Speaking to Mombasa411, the source further confirmed that the DJ has been at the forefront of a beverage company campaign and owns a production house in Mombasa.

Keep it ‘ight here for more details as they arrive.

Email me @ for details on the identity of the Dj.

4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Top Mombasa DJ ‘Caught Out’ In Voi

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  1. I think i know who it is!! That dude ana tabia mbaya sana ya kutumia madem na kuwaacha. I pushed with him for a whole 8 months na hakuwahi kuniambia ako na wife.

    Mamanzi beware. Huyu B**&** ni moto.

    Keep it up Mombasa411!



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