After Radio Maisha, Now Radio Jambo Set To Poach Mombasa’s Finest Radio Talent

Posted on June 25, 2010


The Much anticipated Radio Jambo relaunch is finally on course and word has it that the Radio Africa group head of Radio Pete Sinclair has identified 5 new voices to join the flagging station.

Our source, well connected at Radio Africa, tells Mombasa411 that 4 of the new recruits targetted come from Mombasa.

Earlier this year, Pete Sinclair held clandestine ‘interviews’ with the creme de la creme’ of Mombasa radio at the Whitesands hotel.

Among those interviewed then we are reliably informed, included, Alex Mwakideu, Esther Ingolo (both now at Radio Maisha), Collins Adede (at Radio Salaam), Alphonce Oladipoh (Now at Baraka FM), Dennis Donga, Japheth Makanaki and Khamis Dharwesh, among others.

Radio Jambo is now believed to be also targetting Ahmed Bahajj (Radio Salaam) and some unnamed presenters at Kaya FM and Baraka FM.

Radio Jambo Target: Ahmed Bahajj, Radio Salaam Mombasa

Our source tells us that Owing to the then impending launch of Radio Maisha, Patrick Quarcoo held his guns and decided to postpone the relaunch.

Word is, the all Sport format at Radio Jambo has failed and the station wants to inject some more bite into it’s programming.

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