The King.....

These 15 men are just some of the 100’s of Coastarians flying loud and proud the Kenyan Coast’s flag in our national Radio Entertainment scene.

But what sets these 15 dudes apart is their charisma.

They are handsome, inteligent, successful but are yet to tie that knot.

Mombasa411, hereby unveils, the 15 most desireable Coastarian bachelors in Kenyan radio.

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NO. 15. Arnold Munga/Pwani FM

The man t work..anawaza nini? Mrs Right!?

Huyu msela alianza na mwanzo mgumu, na siku zake za awali Radio Salaam haungeamini kaka angefikia kiwango hichi cha sasa.

Otherwise he is a gr8t person to be with and has looks that ladies might kill for. He is yet to be ‘taken’.  Ladies mpoo!?

NO. 14. Amani Aila/Baraka FM

Amani Aila, The Man behind Mombasa's biggest Gospel show.

The women I talked to told me they love one thing most about him. His great body. Looks like your regular gym guy until you hear him doing his stuff at Baraka FM.

NO.13. Seif Abdallah/Radio Salaam

Seif Abdallah, great body, his strongest point.

The man has a gr8t body and awesome athletiscm, He is a reporter at Radio Salaam.

NO.12. Fundi Bengo/Baraka FM

Suntururuuuuuuu!! Bengo at Baraka FM Studios.

NO. 11. El Hadji Kipapuro/Radio Maisha

El Hadj AKiwa Mitamboni.

Tokea enzi zake Radio Rahma hadi mafanikio yake ya hivi punde Radio Maisha, El Hadj Kipapuro amekuwakijana mvumilivu, mwenye bidii na kivutio kikubwa kwa vichuna.

Swali kwako Kipapuro, lini Biriani?

NO. 10. Joseph Akwiri/Baraka FM

A reporter par excellence....

A reporter and producer for Coast’s biggest morning show, The Mega Breakfast on Baraka FM.

His favourite driving experience, he confides, is doing 140km/h on the Malindi Mombasa highway…

Ladies, the dude is available but not for long…the grapevine has it he is getting hitched VERY soon…..


NO. 9. Justus Mwakideu/Royal Media Services (Citizen TV & Radio)

One of the ladies upon seeing this photo commented: 'Those arms!'

The first of the Mwakideu brothers to make the list. The man has a great voice, God fearing and creative.

NOTICE: Kama wewe hujaokoka, sahau ku-hook Justus.

A great guy to have around.

NO. 8. DJ Lenium

The Guy from Shanzu...

A Dj, A presenter, MC, Promoter, Web designer et. al., all rolled into one.

NO. 7. VJ Define/Baraka FM

Amekuja kuwashiiika! The guy chilling.....not much info on this dude.

The latest entrant to Coast entertainment, he rocks every saturday nite at Baraka FM, And my, oh my, the ladies LOVE it, absolutely.

He is still ‘seaching’.

NO. 6.  Calvin Onsarigo/Radio Salaam

At a wedding recently, Is His wedding next?

The Younger brother to KTN’s Dennis Onsarigo. Has the looks and is the finest Crime reporter this side of Kenya.

Heading to bigger places. Definetly.

NO.5. Alex Mwakideu/Radio Maisha


Mambo yake haya......

One can’t imagine that Alex has failed to find so far the lady of his dreams in Mombasa, Taita or even Australia where he went for the 2008 Olympics!

Might he find one in Nairobi? Maybe. We will let you know.

Ladies drool over this guys’ voice and looks…a gr8t winner….keep it posted here for any interesting moves by this guy…

NO. 4. Ahmed Bahajj/Radio Salaam

Cool and Collected, Ahmed Bahajj.

Mtoto yuapendwa huyu! You should see the number of Bui Bui zinazopanda lift ya TSS Towers kuelekea 13th floor, just to see this dude.

Creative, Hardworking and always smart…this could be Kenya’s next Big thing on TV.

NO. 3. Ronkliff Odit/Qfm

Enjoying life, like a true Jang'o! Roncliffe Odit

Formerly of Radio Salaam, Ronnie is one guy whose wedding everyone wants to witness. This is because he has a tough decision to make, what, with the plethora of beauties always after him…..

Utaamua kweli Ronnie?

NO.2. Ali Manzu/Radio Maisha

Bob Marley fan. Talented TV & Radio Presenter. Single.

The guy’s star just keeps on rising. From a humble boy at Radio Rahma, then Radio Salaam and now Radio Maisha, Manzu knows one thing: He never panics regardless of the enorminity of the challenge ahead of him.

And that’s a quality that ladies really love…..

NO. 1. Peter Adams/Radio Maisha

The King.....

He conquered Coast now he has set his eyes on the national title….facing off against the likes of Willie M Tuva…….He earns the inaugural Mombasa411 2010 Most Eligible Coastarian Bachelor in Kenyan Radio….

DO YOU AGREE WITH THIS LIST? WHO SHOULD BE IN IT AND WHO SHOULD MISS OUT? I’d love to hear your opinions….I might as well do a ka mini reshuffle…due to public demand!


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