WEWEEEE!! Our Boys In Nairobi are doing Gooooooood!!

Mombasa has produces an abundant supply of men and women in Kenya’s entertainment industry, mostly the media…and this has brought a huge success for these boys and gals……
Well, the latest grapevine is that Ali Manzu of KTN Leo and the current Head of Radio,  Radio Maisha has just bought himself a brand new BMW, an upgrade from his previous car Toyota RunX.

Sources close to this dude say that Manzu has already paid 75% for the BMW, which is mettalic black.

Manzu who is a Bob Marley fanatic is expected to cruise more comfortably in between the Tall Blue house and the Standard Centre Mombasa Road.

Mombasa411 will strive to be the first to give you a glimpse of how the Pimped up ride looks like…..but below is something kinda similar….


Manzu had earlier owned a Toyota Vitz before he sold it and bought a Toyota Runx. But its seems things are now working out well for the dude.

Manzu is among many radio and TV personalities from Mombasa who are driving pimped rides in Nairobi.

Is This Manzu's New Dashboard? Are these the New Luxuries escorting the humble man to and from work each day?

Another dude doing great is Mohammed Ali him of KTN Jicho Pevu fame. The man drives in a classy Toyota Kluger….black..with a powerful engine…

This is a statement to behold:

Toyota Kluger

Close buddies of Mohammed Ali told Mombasa411 THAT MOHAMMED WILL UNLEASH a car to BEHOLD soon!! Tunangoja!

Below is the dashboard of  Mohammed Ali’s Toyota Kluger:

Jicho Pevu's dashboard....beautiful.

Qfm’s Roncliffe Odit has a Toyota Station Wagon.

Odit owns a Toyota station wagon which he names CATRINA. The car is his ‘first girlfriend’ and he claims to have spent thousands of shillings pimping the ride. Inside, it is fitted with a 10-cd changer, 2 amplifiers and a 1000 watts woofer.

Roni however, will soon be getting the new model Toyota Premio which is already at the port awaiting clearance.

Ronnie's NEW car....already @ Port


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