Remember what we revealed to you two weeks ago?

If not click THIS link.

Following that exclusive story, Mombasa411 is now ready to reveal the identity of the new guy set to take over Shangilia @ Hope FM Nairobi.

This is the man.

Going Places......Hope FM's New Catch, Amani Aila

This dude must be really having some wonderful time at the moment cause all these came just a few days after he FUNGUA’D roho yake na akatuangushia this beauty!!

Wewwwwweeeeeee! enyewe ametuchapa hapa!

Amani Aila has been working at Baraka FM presenting the Gospel show there every Sunday and the stand-in presenter for their top mid afternoon show MSASAMBUKO.

Amani Aila is set to light up Shangilia which had kinda died since Justus Mwakideu left it.

Speaking to Mombasa411, Aila expressed his remorse at leaving Baraka FM which he fondly remembers.

“I owe everything I am as a presenter to this great station. I will miss this place very much. Thanks to everyone who helped me be.” said Aila.

Aila paid tribute to the current Baraka FM Head of Radio Joe Lughano for the support he gave him.

DID YOU KNOW?: Amani Aila is also a Qualified Hair dresser? The lady’s man!


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