Councillors fight over hot Kisumu reporter!!

Mombasa, Kenya

There was drama outside the Club Casuarina Nomad in Mtwapa Monday night after two councillors attending the two day Constitution workshop at the Wild Waters in Mombasa, engaged in a fist fight.

The brief incident that led to a sizeable crowd, took place after one of the two councillors had allegedly ‘snatched’ his colleagues girlfriend, a leading female news reporter in Western Kenya formerly at Radio Sahara, Kisumu.

One of the councilors allegedly from the Siaya county council, had fully paid for the girls’ trip to Mombasa to accompany him to the two day conference.

At the end of the first day of the conference, that is Monday night, the councillor looked forward to spending some quality time with his ‘prized catch’, but things started going akimbo as the gal dissappeared from the Wild Waters venue some few minutes before the end of the 1st day’s session.

It is said that the smitten councillor became furious after being left high and dry by the lady. The dude proceeded to his hotel room at Container Resort behind Nyali Nakumatt, where he licked his wounds.

Later on, at around 9pm, the dude received a call from a colleague, telling him that his ‘trophy’ has been spotted in Mtwapa…….and the poor guy amkaa’d, took the next taxi and was in Mtwapa within 10 minutes.

Imagine his surprise when he entered Casuarina and found the lady he spend over 20K on on the thighs of another man…….a fellow councillor, from Kangundo!!!!!

The rest as they say, is history.

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  1. Did you find out whether the councillors had families? If so the fight that awaited them back home was probably tougher than the one they had in Mombasa………


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