Posted on October 7, 2010


Pwani FM is set to launch a new reggae show beginning this Sunday at 2pm…..

The show to be known as “Reggae Marathon” is expected to give Baraka FM’s Reggae Chariot a run for it’s money.

Star presenter Bill Miya (pictured below) will host the show alongside new boy Eric Gate AKA Dj Gates.

The Man on the controls…Bill Miya

On the decks wil be Eric Gatehi aka DJ Gates, (Below). Mombasa 411 is yet to ascertain the role to be played by the man, Pupa Donde Samora, a long time reggae presenter, in the show.


gates mgenge grandson

DJ Gates Mgenge Grandson


However, speaking to Mombasa411, Nutty OJ, presenter @ Baraka FM, welcomed the new guys onboard, ki-compe roho safi..

“Jah bless, wanakaribishwa bahari kuu. Bora bidii yao,” said Nutty Oj.

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