001. Ahmed Bahajj (China Radio International)

Surely this boy is rising fast through the ranks.

The humble handsome dude was for two years @ Radio Salaam where he made a mark for himself, learning fast and handling everything that was thrown to him…..

Seems ndio ameanza kula matunda ya jasho lake, coz’ Mombasa411 has learnt that Ahmed Bahajj is fast rising at his recently appointed position @ China Radio International.

And as the pictures below attest, huyu kijana ndio mwanzo tu….

We @ Mombasa411 wish Bahajj more success and believe his journey is still far from over….Kongole.

002. Christine Mbala Manyongi (Kaya FM)

The lady has a sweet voice as well as stunning looks…this is a rare breed of radio presenters who possess both the talent and looks….

Checking through her Facebook snaps, Mombasa411 couldn’t help but admire the pics below which are to say the least lovely.

Pictures which underline the very basic principle of having a stress-free life: Have Fun!

PS: She is with her colleague Beatrice Dama Kahindi.


Have Fun Gals...have fun!!



Ndio waitwaje mchezo huu? Bumpkin?



What a sweeeeeeeet pair....


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