Cabinet Minister, Top Mombasa Female Gospel Artist Spotted @ Sunrise Resort

Posted on October 13, 2010



Mombasa411 has learnt that a High Ranking Cabinet Minister and a top female Gospel Artist based in Mombasa enjoyed some quality time last weekend at the Sunrise Resort in Nyali, Mombasa.

A source at the hotel who for obvious reasons will not be named, revealed to yours truly that The ‘Minister’ lodged at the hotel for the weekend ‘working’ tour of the Coast.

However, he seems to have set his eyes further afield as a female companion reknowned for her Gospel songs arrived late in the evening, proceeded to await the mheshimiwa who was upstairs in his room.

Our source intimates that the Honourable arrived soon after to meet his guest.

The two then had a short chit chat at the pool side bar, before heading upstairs to the Mheshimiwa’s quarters where your guess is as good as mine………..

The lady left in the wee hours of Sunday…….

The lady has been perfoming very well in the gospel charts and is highly respected in the gospel circles n the region…..

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