HAIYAAAA!! Whats Happening to Bango ya Mzee Ngala!!!?

Apparently mambo si mazuri katika bendi ya Bango Sounds…


The Bango Sounds. (Those Circled have left)


Mzee Ngala anafahamika kwa muziki wake lakini changamoto kubwa kwake ni hili: Aa-manage vipi kuzuia wanachama wa bendi yake kujiuzulu kila uchao kukicha?
Our highly reliable source intimates to us that Bango sounds has been shocked at the departure of its lead Saxophonist Emannuel Yaa aka Mannu.


Saxophonist par excellence: Emmanuel Yaa aka Manuu


To make matters worse, he is the grandchild to Mzee Ngala, something that has not been received well with the old man.
Before Yaa, there were other notable exits from the band, most importantly Stephen Katana who used to perfectly play the Trumphet at Bango sounds…
Stephen joined Utamaduni Band……

Is this the death of Bango Sounds??

Anyone OUT there who has some info on the domez @ Bango Sounds tafadhali nitumie mail: mombasa411@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “HAIYAAAA!! Whats Happening to Bango ya Mzee Ngala!!!?

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  1. Its rel sad for our bango bt i dnt understand why musicial thy bhave the same after somtym luk wat hapen to bob marley and the wailers.dru hill spice gals akina koffi kanda bongo man fali ipupa amng others this is rel a behaviour of musician


  2. Hi, I just love bango music bt tis like no music store in Nairobi stcks it. Hav been 2 many of them wtht success.
    Last January, I was in Mombasa n this being their base I thought I wud succeed bt I was wrong coz the problem was the same.
    Beg where can I get their music in Nairobi?.
    Someone out there who can assist?.


  3. They wil kip on aleaving as long as jimmy lacks management skillz. Y only in bango? There must b a problem within. Hiyo attitude ya ‘wacha waende’ is obnoxious. 4 those 4llowing da band closely, their fan base is dwindling. I need seriousness in da industry nt just dancing wakati band memberz wanalala njaa. Jimmy wake up u may end up finding urself on stage alone singing 2 ur sympathisers. Change for the better! Anyone listening


  4. Wacha wende so löng as mze ngala mwenyewe,jimmy,matano and chai wako kwa band nafkiri kila kitu kiko poa..coz hawa ndio viungo muhimu. There is also a very talented new saxaphonist by da name shoka. Enyewe mze awe very careful with the management.


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