Whats happening @ Ocean 100?

Coasts’ newest radio station that was set to begin broadcasting last December, Ocean 100 looks to have sailed right into a storm even before it began its broadcasts.

The station which had been carrying out test transmissions in Malindi on 106.3 FM mysteriously went off air yesterday morning in what sources tell Mombasa411 is tussle for control for the station.

According to a source within the station, the Italian owner/Investor at Ocean 100, pulled the plug on the station’s broadcasts after being informed that his local partner, a Kenyan working in the hotel industry in malindi, had initiated plans to register the station in his own name…..

The Ocean 100 Productions Suite

According to our source (who is a presenter in one of the stations in Mombasa), the Kenyan had even tried to lobby the local political leadership to send the Italian packing on trumped up charges.

This is said to have irked the Italian who decided enough is enough. He is said to be looking for a new partner with whom he can entrust with the project.

The Ocean 100 bandwagon was well and truly on and Interviews already commenced last week with the other interviews slated for Thursday this week @ Hotel Sapphire Mombasa. Sources tell Mombasa411 that this interviews have been postponed UFN.

The Ocean 100 OB Van

However, Mombasa411 can authoritatively report that Ocean 100 have built a beautiful beachside studio @ Malindi, and will be the first FM station in Kenya with a LIVE studio right next to the beach. They even have a floating OB Van (or is it Boat).

Among the presenters they had targeted for poaching include 3 popular presenters from Mombasa, 1 from Voi’s Sifa FM, another high rising dude @ Ghetto FM Nairobi and a Kisumu based presenter/news anchor.

Sources also indicate that Sheki FM’s Chigulu was also in frame as well as a Baraka FM presenter.

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