2012 FOCUS?: Hon. Najib Balala Buys Sheki FM

Sources within the media circle @ the Coast have indicated that Sheki FM has a new owner: Hon. Najib Balala, the Minister for Tourism and Mvita MP.

Analysts see Balala’s entry into Media ownership as direct move to counter Abdulswamad Nassir’s ownership of Radio Rahma.

Nassir has already indicated his interest for the Mvita seat come 2012 and Radio Rahma has been the key to popularise him to the Mvita electorate and sell his propaganda.

What remains to be seen is now whether Sheki FM will be rebranded and launched with a new bouquet of programming to reflect the change in ownership.

Sheki FM was owned by the late Tony Msalame who ran it from his house @ Nyali Enclave, Mombasa.

4 thoughts on “2012 FOCUS?: Hon. Najib Balala Buys Sheki FM

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  1. Hon. Najib has done a tremendous job in the tourism sector, he also doesn’t engage in cheap politicking which makes him a statesman. He has the will of the people at heart not like some others we know. While others are grouping into tribal outfits he is out there doing his work. These are the kind of leaders we want.


  2. balala runs business separately to politics… His passion to public service and honest leadership is what he believes that will gain him votes and not temporary vehicles of radio stations…. balala plays Nation leader and not village headman politics.


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