Nzula Makosi, Susumila to Headline Malindi Music Festival for Children

Malindi, KENYA

Nzula Makosi....African to the heart

Mombasa411 has received word that Malindi’s premier charity event for children, The Malindi Music Festival will this year be hosted by Baraka FM’s Nzula Makosi as the MC alongside a star Italian MC Freddie del Curatolo (pictured below).

Freddie, The MC

Definately things are on the up this darling of Coast radio….

The event, open to the public, will be a meeting of who’s who in the Local Italian and Malindi community and will feature perfomances by among others:

Eric Wanaina, Nyota Ndogo, Susumila, AMREF Juakali Drummers, MADCA (Malindi District Cultural Association) and Mr Bado.

Susumila, one of the stars expected....

From Italy the two famous musicians that have already confirmed are Toni Esposito & Paola Turci (pictured).

The festival will take place at The Old Sinbad Hotel on a 5.000 m2 land along Lamu Road, near the Malindi Casino and the beach.

 Last year the event attracted 6.000 people, with an impressive media coverage (also on Italian main News) and a feature of 20 minutes on the Africa Journal/REUTERS.

The event is organized by CISP NGO (International Committee for the development of People) – the only Italian NGO in the Kenyan Coast – in collaboration with the tourism sector and in partnership with the Italian Cooperation (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Now I know where I will be on the Weekend of Feb 19th!!

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  1. I thought baraka was in the rocks you mean they can afford transport to malindi …hehehehe no wonder you need more staff members why not hire the ones left at bararaka


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