WANTED: Opportunities @ Mombasa411!! Interns Wanted

Its almost a year now since Mombasa411 rolled off the Internet and my, what a year it has been!! Mwaka mzima uliojaa vituko….

We have enjoyed a remarkable story of growth day in day out…Now we need to expand our family with a few additions….

We Need You....are u up for it?

To kata the story iwe fupi, we are looking for Interns to gain valuable experience into the world of online reporting, showbiz, gliteratti and you name it…..if you have a penchant for getting the fine scoops…if you can write as well as you can talk…if you know the gossips and can create and maintain contacts….then we need you.

Drop in your email to: mombasa411@gmail.com and you could well be the next king/queen of Coast Showbiz….

Let the world see your work!

One thought on “WANTED: Opportunities @ Mombasa411!! Interns Wanted

Add yours

  1. i really need a job guys….either as an intern or as an employee…i got all the qualities you need.i lives in Nairobi and works for royal media services thou as an intern….am willing to work with u applying the all the journalistic knowledge i hav to ensure we all succeed….


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