Bustani ya Muliro iliyopo Kamamega inasemekana imegeuzwa na kuwa Lojing….watu wanakwachuana LIVE LIVE!! Jua utosini!!!

Hizi picha zilinaswa katika Bustani hiyo na hakika ulimwengu umeharibika!!

Dooo Hii ni kali.


Mamake Mtu: Tafakari ya Penzi........
Ngotha yavuliwa......Step 1
What a Shame.....Cheki jamaa anavyosorora....
Doo!! And the man dissapeared....Hii ni aibu ya Kitaifa.
Utanilipa Pesa Ngapi?......kaka vya bure hamnaa....
Hii ni Kali....do!
This is stupidity....kavu kavu!!! No wonder ukimwi unashamiri...
Polisi wanachotewa chao na shughuli inaendelea.......
For God's sake this is a PUBLIC park weweee!!

We urge the government to stop this vicee!!


  1. Muliro gardens manna yake ni busting za moto. Serikali yafaa kukomesha vituko hivyo vya siri kali Mahali hapo na kwinginepo. Yaleta aibu kubwa kwa wakenya.


  2. This is happening all over. Kayole, Dadora, mombasa, muranga e t c. Only that the camera man has not caught up with the victims ( u & i). or can anyone be sincere enough to tell us where, how and with who he/she did it last. why be the 1st to cast a stone


  3. what is going on in this world??we are at the end of times!sex should be a wonderful thing and as so should be done in a place where you don’t fear getting caught and you can scream and shout to your enjoyment!!


  4. The CDF was initiated so that people on the ground can choose the project that they seriously desire as opposed to what nechnocrats patched up in the offices in govenrment ministries could. On serious observation from the muliro happennings I think a public fucking house should be given a priority during this financail year. This innovative idea should be replicated in every village in all the constituencies. It shall provide rooms with clean beddings, adequate condomns, disposal bins.towels and water for bathing before and after love making. In order to maintain and create employment to the youth the charges should not exceed 10shs per hour since anything above that will resort to more use of such facilities like the muliro gardens. I would like to urge the youth leaders to take the initiative and make a demand for funds to be allocated for the love house as they too have a right to enjoy sex in a serane environment as those who enjoy at serena, golf or sunset hotels!


  5. manze i wish i would be with that big mama. ningemride like hell. Muliro Garden is a place to be were one enjoys sex as it is supposed to be enjoyed.


  6. Hata kama ni mwani wa masuala haya…hapa haiwezi….haiweziiiiiiiiiiiii……kama ni kuzidiwa sana afadhali hata kama ni chooni lakini green lodge..ziiii…Tabia kama hizi hadharani tunalikosea heshima tendo hili la ndoa…


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