Okay Mombasa411 people…I came across this interesting letter doing the rounds on the Internet and since it concerns a local COASTAL mp…thought it will be appropriate if I present it to you…to make your own decision……..and sound judgement…..

It is written to three ladies, allegedly dated, mang’wad and dumped by the said Mp….


Asalamu alaiykum naila, aisha and shabana….. I am sorry you do not know me but I feel I must write to you all as I have information that I feel you have the right to know…a warning really ….my name is yasmin and i am the one that logged onto fahims email and facebook accounts (he had given me his passwords while he was in india when he wanted me to check something of his, I actually forgot that he had till a few days ago, when I did so I found out about you 3) I have chosen to write to you because the man is responsible for so much pain and destruction it is unreal…I should explain all…

a year ago fahim found me on facebook…we had gone to school together 25 years ago and in fact he was my first crush, I was perhaps an easy target because we had a history…I have noted that all 3 of you are muslim women of a similar age to me and that you were all looking for serious relationships on different islamic marriage websites etc…he chooses well, I wonder why he is searching those sites for women to marry when he already has 2…before I go any further I should let you know I have discovered he has done this before to another woman….naila will know her as she is from Mombasa too – samia tung. And he had begun doing the same thing to his sister Dija. He only discovered she was his sister because he had begun to charm her and she knowing they were siblings (same father) and realizing his intentions quickly told him that they were related before it became too late. That was about 4 years ago.

Anyway I had married straight after school and had been in marriage for 24 years even though I was not happy…fahim began to email me offering a shoulder to cry on, a friend that I could confide in, promised to keep a secret etc, playing oprah…I believed him and began to trust him with all my information…then he began to sent me poems by Gibran, desiderata…songs..all the same songs he has sent to you all and posted on his fb wall for you to listen to…kind sweet words, all the same lines, we could go to university together, do our masters, you deserve a rich relationship…in fact some of the mail he has sent to you he sent the exact same thing to me…all the time also professing to be a man of good islam and high moral standing…he was a perfect gentleman in every way and then began to woo me, at one point he was spending up to 4 hours a day online talking to me, even when he was in Nairobi, he made me believe I was special…reading the emails he has sent to you 3 has made me feel sick, I literally puked…he is a psychotic man…he has a copy and paste formula that he has used on us all…the exact same words, songs ..everything…making you feel special when it is just a game to him, istagfirullah….i have noticed from the emails that he has already started to talk about asking the `big question’ to 2 of you, in the same way that he did with me….asking for a little encouragement from you because he is a little shy, too much of a gentleman etc, very manipulative…after a while he began to ask me to marry him almost everyday. 

I asked him about his life and wives and he told me so much, how much is true only Allah knows. He told me fatma (wife 1) was toxic, spoilt, selfish, manipulative and demanding, said everyone in her family including her father thought the same of her and said she even used her daughter imaan in order to get her way. He told me that she had no qualms when it came to being spiteful towards him and would even hurt her kids in the process, told me of an incident where his daughter asked if her and her mother could go to Mauritius for a holiday, made him buy tickets and pay for hotel accommodation (fatma insisting 5 star) and the day before they were to travel she cancelling with no reason, breaking her daughters heart and losing all the money just to get to him. he told me fatma was influencing imaan in a bad way too, turning her into a diva and trying to pressure him, demanding a car (cant remember exactly either a bmw or merc) even though she was not old enough to drive. He told me he had only married fatma because she and her father had forced him into marrying her – he had gone to her home with his uncle to ask for her hand but her family had organized a wedding, she was in a wedding dress, the khadhi was there, he was too embarrassed to say no as there were so many people there and so he was `forced’. He told me he had separated and ended the marriage from fatma because of her ways but she was so desperate for him she was trying to use his uncle from London to get him back but he was not interested in her `that boat sailed a long time ago, I will tell her and my uncle’ he said. She was apparently using imaan to pressure him as well, telling him if he didn’t get back with her mother she would stop talking to her dad, convinced that fatma had told imaan to say that to him.He said he wanted nothing to do with fatma but was scared because of her behavior that she may take it out on the kids.

shabnam (wife 2) he said was a cold and unaffectionate woman who did not even show her kids any love either…called her a fridge mother and wife but said she was practically an orphan, he felt sorry for her because she had no one to take care of her if he left her like he had done fatma. He said her only use to him was that she cooked his food, was useless otherwise. Said she paid no attention to her looks, he spent more time on personal grooming than she did. He told me that of recent she had even began to act like a bitch towards luqman in particular, making him cry on a number of occasions. He told me shabnams kids were backward and withdrawn because of the type of mother she is, he has to force her to hug her kids, poor ilham he said only gets female attention from her elder sister, she did not know a mothers love. He said her kids spoke in Indian accents like their mother and he could do nothing about it. He was very derogatory, I actually said that was not very nice to him at the time, his reply to me was `but it’s the truth!’. He told me shabnam was some crazy woman that had taken his gun once and pointed it at him threatening to shoot, she carried a knife with her at times and had stabbed fatma once before! Said shabnam only married him because he used to go to the bank where she worked carrying boxes of money to deposit –that she married him for his money. 

He told me enjoyed speaking to me so much because both fatma and shabnam have only a basic education and did not stimulate him mentally. He had nothing in common with them and couldnt talk about anything with them. Shabnam spent all day watching stupid philippino serials and Fatma he said didn’t even have o levels. Said he now needed an educated woman that was his equal. He said he was a very lonely man even though he had loads of people around him. No one , wife nor kids, paid any attention to him or asked about his work or business , they just used him as a money cow to milk. Said every member of his family including tahiya and his dad did so too. He sounded so genuine and hurt I believed every thing he told me all the while falling in love with him as he continued to woo me.

He said he felt a connection with me and that’s why he was so understanding and trusted me with so much information including saying that his job as mp was a real joke, he got paid a handsome wage for doing nothing, just making an appearance in parliament once a week and then occasionally showing his face in lamu, (when the proposed new constitution was printed and distributed in the papers i questioned him about some issues in it, his reply was that he had not read it and didnt have the time or energy to read such a big document, asked me to read it and tell him about it all!). He also trusted me with the fact that he had taken samia to Vancouver and married her and then deserted her there after only 2 months. I asked why and he said because she was `stubborn’ (bells should have rung in my head but I was so in love)…I believed him….he began to convince me that he had been dreaming about finding me for 25 years and now that he had he intended to marry me and not lose me again…he convinced me to allow him to come to the uk to collect me from my hometown…leave my home, leave everything I owned because he did not want me to come to him with anything from any other man, he would provide all for his women, a man of principle…said we would marry, get a house and then my kids who are both at uni would come to visit during their holidays…said he loved them too even though he had not met them yet…I believed him. He came to the uk near the end of February to collect me and we flew down to Kenya, as soon as I arrived I got my divorce and fahim said I should live out my iddah as prescribed in quran. He told me to tell my ex husband that I required nothing from him. Made me destroy my bank card as I would not need any of my ex husbands money. I was so impressed by how decent he was, however my kids were devasted by the fact that I had left home and was planning on remarrying and had a difficult time dealing with it all. My son wrote to fahim and told him as much telling him what he had done was totally haram, fahim replied my son a rather mean email and I asked him not to be cruel to my kids as they were suffering enough, he said they were at uni and were old enough to deal with reality…I was disappointed and asked him not to respond any more instead. I should have seen through him then. My son asked who fahim was and had a look at his facebook page and googled him. He wrote to fahim again this time calling him a `big fat ugly munakif sugar stealing pig’…i was ashamed that my son behave that way and reprimanded him told him that the man’s beauty lay in his mind and heart. Today I wonder how wrong he really was…

I lived in mnarani for a couple of months near his farm then moved me to nyali while I healed and dealt with separation issues . I was very isolated and lonely in mnarani and he did not provided me with a means of transport or enough money to travel into Mombasa but I didn’t mind as I had come to be with him not people…during that time he took me to lamu with him for 3 days on his official mp business as his wife, I accompanied him everywhere( I do not wear nikaab and my face was exposed, I have since learnt that shabnam wears one everyday, fatma doesn’t but when she goes to lamu he insists that she does, in allowing my face to be exposed no one really knew if I was fatma or shabnam). He managed to deceive the people of lamu too. While in lamu we met with an architect to design a house for us that he would built on one of the plots of land that he later was taken to court for in an attempt to have the title deeds revoked as the manner in which he acquired the land was questioned. He told me he had told his dad and sister about me and had received their blessing, he asked me if I wanted to meet with his dad and tahiya when she was in Mombasa in May/June but I said they owed loyalty to his wives, I did not want to compromise that and I would prefer not to meet with them until we married, however he passed on his sister tahiyas contacts to me and we began to share fb emails. At first she was a bit cold but later she warmed up and wished us all the best. I have all the fb emails that were shared between us. In fact tahiya knew about me very soon after I arrived.

He began converting his farmhouse for us to live there…then his father got ill and he took him to india for an op. he originally asked me to accompany him then the next day he said that fatma had just decided without asking him to travel with him and then when shabnam heard she said she wanted to go too, so I couldn’t go. In fact none of them accompanied him in the end. Apparently fatma was using the opportunity to try to win him back and shabnam who didn’t give a shit (his words) was just feeling threatened by fatma. He provided wedding dress magazines and venue idea places for me, told me to start planning our wedding while he was away. He introduced me to Suleiman shabal and his wife and family and invited them to our wedding. While he was away my iddah was completed and my kids finally emailed me to say they were at a place where they felt they could begin to talk and try to deal with everything at last also…I told fahim when he returned. He said it was a good idea because he wanted to see my dad to ask for my hand in marriage. He got me to call my dad to request the meeting and suggested that i should go first to sort the stuff with my kids then he would follow a couple of weeks later, after parliament went into recess. I travelled on the same day as tahiya back to the uk. he called and texted everyday and chatted on fb too, he called and spoke to my mum on the phone said he was coming next week…then a week later we were talking on the phone and I said he needed to try to come soon as my kids were still having difficulty dealing with it all and I was not achieving much…suddenly his voice changed, I asked him what was wrong, he said nothing, `do you still want to marry me, do you still love me?’ I asked him…his reply was `yes, of course baby, you know I do, trust me, just give me half an hour to book flights etc’…..i waited for 2 hours no call, was not worried as I knew he is quite busy…I went to my email and when I opened it I received the shock of my life….he said he had decided not to come, no explaination, no apology….i was so surprised and hurt, began to call him and his phones were switched off, texted him, emailed him…he did not reply….my dad is 81 years old and I am his only daughter, I have 7 brothers, the week after he found out he had a heart attack…he has not recovered fully yet…all that happened mid july. i was so confused and devastated, I began to email him asking him what happened because he never answered his phones. I got so stressed that my ulcer started bleeding….i kept reminding him that I had given up everything for him…had absolutely nothing not even my kids….kept telling him I was praying he would correct what he had done, asking him why, he would reply me at the weekends just oneliners that never made sense just kept me in hope….ramadan arrived and I was still emailing him, he would reply me almost every Saturday and Sunday saying things like `don’t worry everything will be ok’,’ believe in Allah, He answers prayers’ knowing full well that I was praying that things would go back to how they were, our plans to marry, once he even told me that he had gone looking for a flat with my friends realtor….he kept me hanging on with cruel tidbits of messages knowing I loved him and was missing him, not understanding, slipping into a deeper depression everyday….and each day I got worse my dad suffered more…he is frail now…I almost never left my bedroom myself for the whole month and lost 4kg during Ramadan, I spent all my time reading quran and praying for things to change, I told him….he kept sending his little messages but not making any commitment and not talking my calls. He told me his mother baked a cake, luqman got 1A*, 5A, and 3Bs for his results, his intentions to run for governor etc. One day he sent me a newspaper link of Baktash Akasha’s wife being killed, I asked him why he sent that, what it meant he never replied, scared me a bit…I still don’t know why he sent it.. Eid weekend he told me that his dad was hospitalized again, was in icu. I have saved every email and text message he sent to me. Now I discover all the while through Ramadan he has been emailing you 3 ladies and feeding you all the same lines he fed me, deceiving you and his wives all along too. I have discovered he is just a wicked man without morals or a conscious. My dad said what he was doing was very cruel to me, the mind games the depression and turmoil was killing me…I decided to fly down to mombasa to try to get to the bottom of it all. I kept giving him the benefit of the doubt, thought maybe he just had cold feet, or couldn’t afford it financially because he had been taken to court the month before to have the title deeds of some land he owned revoked plus his mill had been in lots of trouble and he lost loads of money there, and the farm was not doing well, he blamed his aunt and uncle who worked there for the business running down even though he hardly was there himself. I thought maybe he was scared of his wives, maybe he was not sure of how he felt towards me, didn’t love me…whatever the reason I believed he owed me an apology if not an explaination at least …I also thought maybe when he saw me and I told him I am not interested in anything, just want to be with the man that sets my heart and mind on fire then he would be honest and brave…I just wanted him to be honest, decent, honourable and allow me some form of closure because my physical, emotional and mental health are so destroyed…he had killed my spirit and destroyed a soul…I arrived and sent him an email to say I was here, his reply `you shouldn’t have come’..i wrote again asking for a meeting just to explain why if only to understand why my elderly dad suffered because of his actions…he refused to meet and almost accused me of having seduced and lured him, insulted my kids who he has never met and then in all arrogance he had the audacity to tell me to go back to the uk and when he feels like marrying me he will come to my door….i could not believe the email….felt like I had been stabbed…. If he hadn’t insulted my kids I probably would have done nothing but I am a mother and he had never met my kids to be so cruel towards them, he would have got away with all of this had he not hurt me in that way…subhanallah Allah is great, made him trip himself up finally. I decided I would contact his family to see if they could help me at least get closure and be treated with a little dignity. I thought I needed emails or phone numbers in order to find them and remembered he had given me his passwords before, lucky for me he had not changed them. I learned of the 3 of you and realized that this is all some sick game to him sadly. 

I have met with some of his family and in doing so I have had a major eye opening experience. I had originally thought that they may all react negatively towards me assuming I wanted something from fahim, maybe wanted to marry him still or perhaps wanted them to try to reconcile us or to mediate, I told them that was not the case and explained everything and my motivation, simply justice and the chance to let everyone know what he is capable of. Alhamdulillah, they had no reason to listen to listen to me, trust or believe me especially as I was accusing their family member of indecencent behaviour but they have not doubted my sincerity or my pain and anguish. I managed to provide also all the evidence that I could to those I have met by way of text messages, emails, receipts for airline tickets, letters, apartment leases etc all in the name of mr fahim and mrs yasmin twaha, collected during my time in Mombasa and in the uk. Copies were taken by some members of his family. In fact I had wanted to get rid of them while I was n Kenya and fahim had insisted that I keep all paperwork Alhamdulillah, I am sure he regrets that now. As far as the people of lamu, tamarind, hunters, mnarani, Kenya airways, fly540, shimassy travel agents, the golf courses at nyali, lighthouse and vipingo etc are concerned I am mrs yasmin twaha. The bill for tamarind he paid for by his Hon Fahim Twaha cheque book, dated 7th June. Otherwise he paid for most things by cash, making withdrawals almost everyday so that fatma and shabnam would not become aware of what he was doing. 

Before I arrived in Mombasa he used to take his kids to mnarani for lunch most Sundays especially since his youngest autistic child loves the pool there, I asked him if they did not ask why he stopped taking them while I was there and he told me they do and go where he tells them only. Another mean sign I should have registered but missed sadly. He is so shamless that another time while his sister was in Mombasa he took her, her kids and his out to hunters for dinner. Mid way he just left them all in the restaurant and came to tamarind to be with me under the false pretences that he was going to nakumatt to get cash even though he had has credit card with him. He thought is was very amusing to have done so. I had to tell him he had to go back. He did and even told tahiya where he had been to! He talks about his wives very negatively and disrespectfully and even has done so in respect to his mother. Says that she is fat, lazy, unmotivated, just sits on her butt all day waiting for everyone to do stuff for her…very sad.

His family members, bar fatma understandibly, have apologized for his behavior and said they will pray for me but most importantly they have been nothing but blunt about who fahim the man and father is. They opened up to me about his decency and integrity…suffice to say it would seem that he is not respected as a man by many of his family members. They say he does his political thing well but fails miserably as a man, father and husband, one actually said he was nothing short of a failure.

i managed to see his sister and dad….they could not believe what he had done…I then saw his uncle and aunt, who i think is also his lawyer…they were disappointed but not shocked…said he had always walked all over anyone to get whatever he wanted, was arrogant and selfish, didn’t care who he hurt just so long as he got what he wanted, said that’s how he got on in politics but were shocked that he behaved that way in his private life too. Fahim had led me to believe he was a good dad, his family have said otherwise, all credit goes to his wives. They told me fatma is a poor woman that he only uses during campaigns because of who her father is. Said he will probably start `mending’ the marriage to her now that he wants to run for governor in 2012 and will use her then dump her like he did on the way back from lamu after he won the last election. 

His family are kind and decent people…they said that he had no decency and not one of them would ever consider allowing their daughters to marry him because they know what he is…in fact they were surprised that I had been so fooled by him…told me unlike fatma, shabnam and samia I have had a lucky break Alhamdulillah because he has been nothing but cruel and unkind to fatma and has treated shabnam like a prisoner all her married life….i was so totally in shock by what I heard….so hurt…felt such a fool. His maternal family were surprised that he had been decieptful about keeping the secret of his sister Dija, who is almost the same age as him, from them for so long also. They had no idea that she existed or that tahiya,fatma and shabnam knew of her also and that they all visited each other. I have decided I will stay in Mombasa until I tell as many people in his family about him and provide all the evidence that is requested. So far all members I have spoken to accept my reason for doing so and fatma suggested that I should tell shabnam. I have spent the last few days telling any one that has cared enough to listen about fahim, what he is doing and what he has done and have tried to ask around about him. Everyone says he has no friends because he is a nasty selfish arrogant manipulative piece of work that will do anything to get what he wants. Likes the chase but gets bored with everything soon afterwards. Does not mind hurting or walking over any one, has no respect for any one. No morals and no idea of the concepts of halal and haram. Sadly not a single person, not one, has had anything positive to say about him…very, very sad! He is only able to cheat and deceive people over the net.

I feel that through all of this fahim has been tried as a man of dignity, honour and decency and has been found very wanting. I am thankful that Allah loved me enough to protect me from marrying him.I have had a lucky escape. I am not bitter, I am very very hurt. Devastated because sadly I still love the man. My feelings for him were genuine and I wish I could turn them off. Inshallah in time I will heal and being able to do this is helping me, plus in letting you women and his family know what he is up to also I hope will protect someone else from getting hurt in the future and maybe someone will remind him that he has daughters and in life what goes around may very well come around in time, his daughters may end up with a man like him. I am not driven by rejection either simply by what is right, just and halal, as Allah is my witness. If I don’t try to stop him from harming anyone else knowing all I do then I will be just as guilty as he is and I would not be able to live with myself. So far I know of fatma, shabnam, samia, me, naila, aisha and shabana…God only know how many more women there are out there. I also know he tried with my friend Doreen but she was not interested in him, he took her to lunch and emailed her many times trying to get her to go out with him, in fact he asked her if he could go to see her in America! My kids and sadly my dad have suffered too because of him.

I have never written or done anything like this before but I feel that I must because the level of deceiption and arrogance that he operates on is simply abominable. He is a sick man that gets some perverse pleasure from destroying and hurting people and someone must try to stop him. He has no scruples whatsoever and I seriously wonder about his imaan. Fahim must be made aware that there are consequences to all actions. That he cannot cross certain lines in life. Cannot destroy homes, women, kids, lives and just get away scot free. He has proved to have no respect for any woman whatsoever sadly. He needs to know that one day someone will bite back. I am not a strong or confrontational woman by any standards, in fact I am very soft but I have decided to take a firm stand on this matter because of how grave it all is and also because I was hoping to be afforded the opportunity to understand why my elderly father nearly died because of this mans behavior. He has destroyed my and my kids lives and broken a home unnecessarily. Not everyone will just sit back and accept his abuse when they have been cheated by him he should know that. He seems to deliberately choose muslim women who he manages to fool by playing the good trusting muslim man promising a halal relationship, easy victims. He is a power hungry and driven man that is controlled by his ego. He has no problem with hurting anyone at all just to get what he wants in what seems a game to him and real life to the rest of us. As a man he has proved to be a jeckle and hyde character and I am convinced he needs help. He goes from being the most amazing, understanding, caring man into the worst possible kind of human (?) . The man has proved to be a coward of the worst kind, all I asked was that he face me and give me plausible reason for his behavior, the chance to do the halal, honest, decent, honourable thing (be worthy of the title) and he couldn’t do so. He has serious shortcomings when it comes to being a real man. 

Like I said I am probably the softest women he has dealt with (those of his relatives that have met with me will vouch for that) but I am also very strong in my imaan and belief in justice, and I am determined to be one that reminds him of his religious obligations and if he cannot muster those then inshallah he can be reminded of basic human ones instead. Many times I told him I will stand up for myself when pushed into a corner or I will stand up for others if I witness an injustice or haram behavior by anyone towards another. What he does is haram in every way. He professes to be a good muslim, god fearing man but I wonder. So that is just what I am doing here. Hoping that in educating you all about who fahim the man, father is someone will sit him down and tell him that his behavior is unacceptable and warn him that ultimately he has daughters too and he will pay for all his sins. I will pray for that everyday, ask Allah to grant him in all His wisdom whatever it is that fahim deserves. I will not pray for anything bad because I do not believe Allah answers negative prayers but I will ask Allah to give him what he deserves inshallah. My conscious is very clear about my reasons for doing what I am doing especially since his family members have supported me in doing so, Alhamdulillah.

so anyway I had a look at his emails……I am sick!….he has been playing you 3 women in the same way…same emails, songs, kindness, promises..’i am coming to uk/india/egypt (that’s where the 3 of you live) next week, can I see you’ `trust me’ `tell me your secrets I can help you heal’ etc….just what he did to me…same jilani emails, poetry…everything!…..i decided as well as his family you 3 women need to know about him too and that is why I wrote to you all. 

2 days ago after I had logged on to his email and saw what he is doing to you 3, I sent him a text to tell him that I knew about it all and had read all the emails…he had forgotten that he had given me his passwords before, he panicked and immediately tried to change his passwords and delete all the emails and facebook messages and asked nalia to delete him as a friend ….you have my email address is if anyone wishes to contact me for any further evidence or proof I will be happy to pass on any information or contact details to you to verify my story, I am still in Kenya and will be here until I have seen some more of his family…..i have only written to you all because no woman deserves to be cheated by this sick psychotic man, I am sorry I have had to tell you this but wallahi I am doing it for your good, what you all chose to do with the information I have provided is up to yourselves…..Inshallah He will take care of us all and protect our daughters from a man like him….



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  1. power is corrupt and so is money …if all am reading is true…i call it a disgrace! it violates women rights which are also human rights and this is a case of social injustices perpetrated against women…who are often treated as sexual properties and these perpetrators/psychopaths use religion to lure their predators into their traps..what a disgrace! I am so shocked beyond words….Thanks to the new constitution in Kenya and increased level of awareness on authentic leadership..leaders without integrity and credibility will never see the door of the parliament come 2012….I am women right activist,working for global women right organization in Nairobi and a resident from Lamu….I will use my discreet and well established marchineries to investigate the conduct of such kind of people..and I am telling the `so- called honourables’ that we are watching them, we are scrutinizing their moral conduct, integrity, conscious, personalities, values, credibility and these would be the indicators and check list to short list who will be voted in or out! This is new Kenya… is no longer going to be the campaign weapon!To the victims and women out there. I don’t want to sound like am blaming you for what happened but we ought to be extra vigilant, especially when the deal sounds too good to be true….if you hear a man bad mouthing his own wives and regreting/criticizing the relationship he is in, he is a big liar and he entirely or partly responsible for problem, Never be stupid to accept his marriage proposal on the grounds that you are only too good enough fix his marriage problems….hellooooo that is too shallow a reason for marriage….I am not married yet but its common sense that marriage relationship is about complimenting each other not supplementing each other… most importantly listen to your gut feelings/intuition when you want to get into something that doesn’t feel right , your instincts never lye more especially when you are about to get yourself in shit! The true essence of marriage is pure love and true essence of pure Love is not money, power or some sort of authority…but mutual dignity, humility, trust, respect, iman, honesty,freedom….I also want to advise you to read early signs of psychopaths, they masquerade as gentle, calm, good listener, friendly, kind, intelligent, sexy people yet they are so dangerous, manipulative(you will believe in everything they say) and serial killers, they have no emotions nor are they remorseful for their bitchy actions, they are very sick in the head, they watch people sufferings as though they are watching a movie…there is no cure for psychopathy…so they never learn lessons hence repetitive behavour, they live like that and their lives usually end in misery…So women you ought to be extremely careful not to fall as the next prey!May Allah protect us all….Thank to the power of IT many wouldn’t have known this! …yours empowered woman from Lamu!


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