Radio Salaam Presenter to be ‘Poached’?

Posted on March 7, 2011


Word is rife in the corridors of gossip in Mombasa, that a top presenter at Mombasa’s Radio Salaam is set to be poached.

The presenter whom we cannot name yet (personal request) is said to be agreeing personal terms this week.

Mombasa411 also understands that the said presenter who has been offered a good package by Baraka FM, is eagerly being sought as a direct replacement to Fundi Bengo who as we reported last week, left Baraka FM for Radio China International.

However, sources within TSS Towers (where Radio Salaam is based), tells Mombasa411 that Radio Salaam also intends to carry out a similar raid on Baraka FM and poach another Top guy at the Canon Tower based radio station, should their move for the man cited earlier in this story materialises.

Mombasa411 further understands that when it comes to poaching, neither Baraka FM nor Radio Salaam will claim innocence… there exists a trail of poaching between the two.

The most recent case was the poaching by Radio Salaam of Baraka FM’s head of creative, King Nzomo (pictured below) and Collins Adede a reporter in 2010.

King Nzomo. (After a brief stint at Radio Salaam, the King left for 'greener pastures' in Nairobi.

On their part Baraka FM enticed Fundi Bengo from Radio Salaam, where he was the Head of production.

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