Mombasa’s Finest Photojournalists Revealed, Part 1.

Posted on March 8, 2011


AT Work: Some of Mombasa's Camera guys at work.

Mombasa411 takes its hat off to this fine crop of men and women who risk life and limb to make sure you get the pictures fast of newsmaking events….

You can learn more about what it takes to work in a variety of photography
related fields at

We salute hawa wasee…na tunawavulia kofia.

So beginning leo…wacha tusheherekee jamaa hawa na kuwapatia sifa wanazostahili..maanake japo wasomaji habari na wahariri wa magazeti ndio wanachukua all the credits…its these guyz.

N0.1. Laban Walloga, Cameraman, Nation Media Group

EXPERIENCE: Laban Walloga is a versatile Cameraman, easily changing from a still camera to a Tv camera...

Walloga enjoys his job with a passion…some of his memorable photos include:

A motorcyclist heading home?

This Shot Captures everything....

No. 2. Gideon Maundu, Standard Media

KIMYA KIMYA: Normally reserved and Humble, SG's Gideon Maundu

You will hardly know he is around, unless of course you know him….he might appear disinterested at times…but rest assured..he misses nothing.

These are some of his shots.

Maundu captured this stunning shot at Mombasa's Tononoka grounds

Meet The President: An Iconic shot of the Kenyan Cabinet...

No. 3. Karim Rajan, Nation Media Group

Tough as a Nail: Arguably Mombasa's most experienced TV Cameraman?

He is a well known face inMombasa’s press conferences. In fact there’s a day a local leader refused to start the press conference UNTIL Karim Afike!!!…

Find his camerawork @NTV’s News Bulletins daily.

Editor’s note: Thursday we shall profile the next lot of these fine this space.

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