‘Ask The Court’ ICC’s New TV Program premiers in Kenya

The Outreach Unit of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has launched the Kenyan TV series Ask the Court.

Ask the Court answers the most frequently asked questions raised by the Kenyan population on the Court’s mandate and its work. The TV series has been designed to foster interaction between the Court and the national population, in particular with those most affected by the post-election violence. It explains judicial developments as they unfold, clarifies the next steps in the Court’s procedures, and enhances transparency and understanding of ICC proceedings.

Today’s episode is the first in a series of programmes that will follow the developments of the Court’s judicial procedures in the Kenya situation. It explains Pre-Trial Chamber II’s recent decision to issue summonses to appear for six suspects and provides further explanations on the judicial steps following this decision.

The programme will be broadcasted on Kenyan television stations including KTN, Citizen TV, KBC, NTV, K24 and Sayare.

The programme will be further translated into four local languages and broadcast on 13 local radio stations. Each episode will also be available on the ICC’s YouTube channel.

Other TV and local radio stations are also encouraged to broadcast the programmes; no further permission is required.


The first episode is also available at the following links.

For viewing:

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M04D5M-q1EA

For downloading:

Audio: http://www.fileserver.icc-cpi.info/audio/Ask_the_Court_KENYA.mp3

Video: http://www.fileserver.icc-cpi.info/video/Ask_the_Court_KENYA.mp4


The ICC’s Outreach Unit conducts activities to reach communities affected by alleged crimes in situations and cases brought before the Court.

The Outreach Unit’s programmes aim to cultivate a level of awareness and understanding of the ICC’s mandate and procedures, promote access to and understanding of judicial proceedings, and foster realistic expectations about the Court’s work. This in turn will engender greater local community participation in Court proceedings by addressing the concerns of those in affected communities and by countering misperceptions.


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