Do You Have What It Takes?

Mombasa411 has recently celebrated its 2,000,000th Hit and we keep on rising!

We want to make YOU, yes, YOU our third eye…..

Be Our Faceless Reporter

Mombasa411 wants to make you, our Third Ear…you are on the ground and you know what’s happening in your community…

Be Part of the Mombasa411 community today and drop us all the Juiciest stories you come across and be THAT Discreet Reporter!

While not required, you can brush up on your writing skills with classes from accredited online colleges.

We assure you, utmost discretion will be exercised.

Talk to us today….and we will make sure that THAT ka-storo goes LIVE….RYT HERE!!

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8 thoughts on “Do You Have What It Takes?

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  1. The fat lady in the muliro garden sex photos is called Loice Osoro. Yuko facebook and she has pictures there too. Will be nice if you could interview her.


  2. Those rascals should be brought on BIG story either on KTN, Nation tv, citizen tv KBC TV 4 more to see them. They have really annoid me. Shame on them. Prayers alone cant help. We should weep them.


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