The Beauties and the Beasts of Meru University College, PART 1

Posted on March 23, 2011


Mombasa411 loves happy moments…and we REAALLLLY love it when we get snaps that literally make us smack our lips….

This week we came across some pictures tha really madeus Tamani to cross the hills and the valleys and camp in Meru for a whole damn week….

Yaani kuna warembo na warembezwa huko Meru University College…na huu ndio ushahidi…..

Meru University College's Mr and Miss Uni?

The Beast at Work

No. This is not the Muliro Garden mama....Na Ile bed ya juu ni ya Mmaasai?

As you can see for yourself...This is the Trust Condoms MERU Uni Representative

Na huyu msee anamnusa Nywele!!? Kwenda huko!

Now this lady wasn't too sure am-hug huyu msee ama ni huyo amevaa Yellow amesizi...!!

At last alikubali.....lakini jamaa needs to do more....

We have hundreds of pictures taken at Meru University..and we will publish them over the next couple of days…..check out soon..u might be in….

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This is our showstopper for today…enyewe huyu dem ni msooooo.

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