The Beauties and the Beasts of Meru University College, PART 1

Mombasa411 loves happy moments…and we REAALLLLY love it when we get snaps that literally make us smack our lips….

This week we came across some pictures tha really madeus Tamani to cross the hills and the valleys and camp in Meru for a whole damn week….

Yaani kuna warembo na warembezwa huko Meru University College…na huu ndio ushahidi…..

Meru University College's Mr and Miss Uni?
The Beast at Work
No. This is not the Muliro Garden mama....Na Ile bed ya juu ni ya Mmaasai?
As you can see for yourself...This is the Trust Condoms MERU Uni Representative
Na huyu msee anamnusa Nywele!!? Kwenda huko!
Now this lady wasn't too sure am-hug huyu msee ama ni huyo amevaa Yellow amesizi...!!
At last alikubali.....lakini jamaa needs to do more....

We have hundreds of pictures taken at Meru University..and we will publish them over the next couple of days…..check out soon..u might be in….

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This is our showstopper for today…enyewe huyu dem ni msooooo.

61 thoughts on “The Beauties and the Beasts of Meru University College, PART 1

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  1. hao ma-chick wako chonjo.kwanza huyo ‘momo’ in trust t-shirt anakaa kudrop….faster.otherwise nikipata contact zake i can asure that i can win her


  2. Its really indecent to go on talking of cu leaders. who amongest the appearing characters is a cu leader? Plz note that not all those in the church are leaders. further more only the King of kings should judge and the time has not come.


  3. hey,kuna mambo.cant biliv ths!!hata wengine wao nlidhani ni so pure as 2 engage in such dirty bashes.coz obviously,if thats wot there woz qwa iyo bash,then soon after umuliro lazima ka ni style ya marketin,then they shud opt 4 anothr mo sensible 1.thiz shameful qwanza hao maleaders wa C.U.


  4. Thanx Msa 411 at least wen I report bck on 5th al b careful on th skirt wearers I walk with kabla nichome CV bila kujua. .HOLY SHIYEET!AM SURPRISED!!!!


  5. this is crappp people the one posting this should look 4 beta are the stupidiest person i eva met.the poster sucks


  6. think we’got te best club insde mucst even thoughb MUCST IS A DRUG FREE ZONE> just after the gate….mmmmm..then ask uaself what happened after danci ng n all that …..another MULIRO SAGA….uuuuiii mmmmh.!!!!!


  7. i rily wonder wats xooo exctin bout ths bsh tat it had 2 b posted ol ova,c-u-tbe,fb n now msa411….it sims tat u mucstatians dnt rily knw wat partyn z rily lyk n wat avin fun rily mins,i propose u take lekchas on tat xo tat kam nxtym ul b proud f uaslves n u wnt go blabin!!!!!


  8. damn woever sent these pics is nuts ………………………damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn they really suck IS that the simplest way to get attention ???\
    mucst jo c hivo……..


  9. oooh… Did mwas say JESUS CHRIST THIS IS SHOCKING? please you actually expected that… as penninah said”some of them are CU leaders!!!” this is really amazing we get to know them perfect soon
    Have never loved these impressing parties collegues call people for, they suck!!

    Hey guys? do those chicks who appear have guys they? respect?


  10. hee manze hii dunia kuna watu na viatu na imagine some of the m are cu leaders shame on them just stop preteding REMEMBER THAT ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUNDER THAN WORDS SHAME ON YOU ……………..


    1. kweli hii university of mine “meru university college” is so located in a romote area, where 80% of students are meru….
      madem merians …. they wanapaswa kuambiwa route to MULIRO gardens
      Jamani they will go all guys we call BOYFREINDS coz huku machali wanakula miraa
      ndio maana wanapita na wote


  11. the muliro garden madness is really spreading fast soon or later somewhere in this nation youll will bee seeing very nde pixs, trust me the muliro saga has not only set a fashion and trend but a way of life!!!!!! kp watchin this space.


    1. NO ;;;; hiding cave for CU cowards!!!!
      Tiny room where naive ones are invited by guys who pretend to be so extravagant for kabudi, 2 show them how life is……..
      That what is they learned that 13th


    1. who said ni wasupuu? think ni “supu”
      In mucst to find a cute chick? you will have kissed all “supu”……
      aah… aah….
      i value watching movie coz those you call supuu, not my type…


  12. is that room a disco or a day club. check the owners of the room what they are up to. wacha watoi wasome there is time for everything.


    1. Dont you shikanisha? its a time room for corwards!!! the owners actually have the participants brains in their fingernails

      oo ooh….


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