Sheki FM Presenter ‘Poached’ by KBC Idhaa ya Taifa

Posted on March 28, 2011


Word has reached the great vaults of Mombasa411 that KBC Idhaa ya Taifa has snapped up Sheki FM’s Cynthia Anyango.

Cynthia Anyango

The words on the corridors of inks, pens and mikes is that Cynthia Anyango who has been on of the fastest rising female stars at the Coast will be joining the national broadcaster effecting April 1.

Sources further intimate to us that Cynthia will see her pay package triple what she earns at Sheki FM.

It will also be at least at least 6 TIMES what she earned at Sifa FM Voi.

Cynthia @ Sheky FM Productions Studio (?)

She joins the long list of radio queens who have left Mombasa for greener pastures (and not-so-greener ones!).

Mombasa411 wishes Cynthia all the best in her new station.

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