Louis Otieno Fired!!!!….Again!?

Posted on March 29, 2011


NOW WE DON’T DO THIS OFTEN But haiya this story was just too good to be missed, thanks to the ‘mboys’ at Media Madness.

this jamaaz really know how to pamba’ the storos….sitaki kuongeza chumvi ama kupunguza…just read it like i took it from the MM site….


So after weeks of speculation, MM can finally confirm, K24 has given Louis Otieno the walk to the staircase (wana lift kweli?). No, he didn’t quit … he was fired! *Deeeeep sigh*

Egoistic...Louis Otieno

I’m sure this week; trucks will pull up at the K24 office to start packing up his ego. Louis Otieno for those who don’t know was ONCE the best news anchor in the country. Until he discovered older women, Pajeros, perfumes, lipbalm (ama ni mafuta ya samak?) and gold chains. The brotha started on his slippery slope.

Remember Louis on Nation TV alongside Beatrice Marshall?? Now that was a super TC team. Louis then left Nation for KTN … he built a BRAND for himself, this eloquent young man with good looks (On the good looks eeerr ladies say he looks good. End of discussion)

He was then poached by Citizen and soon he let his ego out of the closet, he became a diva, dictating which days he could read news (No man wants to cancel his mani-pedi) He was given a talk show, a show that was VERY well executed for months, until he sorta became bored. He’d show up minutes to the live show. He refused to research on anything; soon his show was to go around the country. Louis one day missed his anchoring duties because he refused to take the flight back to Nairobi. He was suspended by SK

Weeks later, when a sponsor showed interest in his show, Louis had a fight with RMS over revenue. He wanted them to split the sponsorship cash 50/50 per episode!! They told his FUCK NO! And he quit … days later he was signed to K24. There he was given the space between the kitchen and the emergency exit to use as his set. This is when we say him in his true marangis. As his guests were sipping on water, Louis was sipping on JUICE!! On one interview he had on ‘Shades’ on TV!

Where next?!

UPDATE Kumbe Louis has been stuffing clean crisp notes into his man nyonyos!!! He and wifey have not paid K24 it’s cut of the UNDP cash (From the show he was runnin) his car has already been confiscated

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