Kubaafffff!! Ati Airtel Kenya CFO Did Whaat!!

Posted on March 30, 2011


He he he he…Dunia haishiii vituko….rangi rangile kweli!!

Ukistaajabu ya Masinde Muliro, Utaona ya JKUAT…he he!

Word on the great corridors of gossip is that Airtel Kenya’s CFO Hari Krishnen has been laying the tu-rembos at Airtel like nobody’s business…

Disgraced? Outgoing Airtel Kenya CFO, Hari Krishnen

The story is that *songa karibu, kaa kitako na unyamaze* the dude who head’s Airtel Kenya’s Finance has slept with a bevy of galz at the company promising them well paying jobs in the Finance department.

An email is currently circulating written by a jilted lover of the disgraced CFO and cc’d to the top management at Airtel…..

Read the email below and fanya uamuzi wako mwenyewe!!!

Is this true or not? You be the judge.


From: Juliet Okoth <okoth.juliet@yahoo.com>
To: ***@Bharti.in
Cc: ***@Bharti.in; ****.Mittal@Bharti.in; ****.khosla@airtel.com; ****.Chadda@BhartiFoundation.org; ***.mayilamane@airtel.com; ****.Sawhny@beetel.in
Sent: Tue, March 22, 2011 7:53:23 PM
Subject: Airtel Kenya breaking news.

I had to copy widely because this is an issue of great concern and for the good of the company action needs to be realized. One rotten apple can not make the whole basket of fruits be discarded! At Airtel Kenya today reports have been going around about how Hari Krishnen the Finance boss has been sleeping with ladies before giving them jobs or even promoting them in Finance.

Until today I thought I am the only girlfriend because everyone had know we move. Why I am disgusted and thought of revealing this is because last month he requested me to abort his pregnancy and he bought me a house at upmarket Nairobi and he promised me I will be the only lady. Today Airtel was awash of stories whereby one of the ladies in Finance being associated with Hari is known to be HIV positive! I sincerely don’t know what to do now because I had even collided with my boyfriend because of Hari.

I hereby thought of requesting you to advice the company to be wary of this sex pest. I had to write anonymously for fear of reprisals and again I also will request my mother to advice on what to do. I am not able to report to the manangement of Airtel Kenya because they side with Hari. Infact one time all his managers in Finance resigned protesting his favouritism of a lady female manager and despite the management knowing they didn’t warn him.

I asked him about the issue and he told me he will stop. He actually stopped because the lady manager was transferred. However again he started moving with the lady manager who replaced that one! Since I just wanted money I decided to share him with her. Now that its public knowledge he has ladies all over the company and one is HIV positive I decided to let the cat out of the bag. Its a shameful act sincerely and this guy should be stopped from spreading the disease. am even fearing to go for a test! The talk is that Indians came to Kenya to make babies and this is destroying the good name of other Indian Airtel staff. This is disgusting!


(Update: A second woman has come forth, the story is the CFO has been forced to resign and the official story will be that he has gone to pursue his own personal interests)

Dear Yves,

I know there are so many ladies suffering in silence and I havedecided to bring this to the limelight for corrective action to be taken before its too late and the issue erupts in the media denting the company image. Hari is a bull on the rampage and he has been sleeping with ladies especially in Customer care and marketing promising them jobs in Finance and after satisfying himself he starts taking one around. I have slept with him several times promising me a position for a temp lady in Finance whose contract was to end last month but apparently instead of giving me the job he ended up
confirming the temp lady because he has been sleeping with her. On further inquiry I do understand he has been sleeping with Finance ladies and promoting them. There is a huge fight between a lady who used to be his PA and after it became so open that they were sleeping he transferred her to Marketing and now thelady wants to fight some other three ladies in Finance who are sleeping with Hari. In customer care he has promised other 4 ladies transfer to finance as well after sleeping with them. This must be stopped urgently because its too immoral.


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