Swaziland Express…..(Achana na Masinde Muliro, Kubaff!)

Posted on April 12, 2011


Its that time of the year the Swazi’s absolute leader….(King Mswati, Damn it!), is set to pick another bride…he he he!

Now Mombasa411 has some nice little shots of just what it takes before you get accepted to be part of the ‘reed dance’ an elaborate dance ceremony where the lucky lady will become part of the king’s bevy of beauties..or is it harem?

The older mama's scan you thoroughly!! Check the galz awaiting their turn.....

Now one wonders why these people are so obsessed in becoming the next entrants to the King’s bedroom… mmmm

Now someone tell me..isn't the gal on the foreground a minor!! Someone do this to my daughter and I will kill you!

Mswati Yawa!!!

Once you are a confirmed Vajo...you get a Certificate..in other words you become a CERTIFIED Virgin!!!...he he he

Now who wants to go to Swaziland?

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