Enyewe Amani ni Mrembo…….Siku Hizi.

Now, now, now, the moment the editor came across these pictures…nilishtuka sana!!! Nikajiuliza is this really Amani? The Airtel ambassador?

Is this really the fly gal who collabo’d with R Kelly, Ali Kiba et al in making the hit Airtel anthem ‘Hands Across The World?’

Amani, Now. However at the very begining...things were different....

Enyewe, Mungu anatoa watu mbali!!

Hereby ladies and gents, from the great Vaults of Mombasa411, we present you an EXCLUSIVE glimpse of Amani, TEN years back….he he he he he

Amani in 2002, being interviewed by then Baraka FM Presenter, Kwanutsu Kwarobo.....

Now, Mombasa411 believes Amani can never wear the skirt or that shady t shirt in her current status….ama?

Kuhusu hii skati....hatusemi Kitu!!

We have more…..lakini kwa leo…Tosha!! he he he.

Do you have pics of our celebs haswa before they became our darling Icons? Zitume hapa: Mombasa411@gmail.com

11 thoughts on “Enyewe Amani ni Mrembo…….Siku Hizi.

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  1. Praise be to God who has done all these.Praise his holy name.Mimu u look executive,gorgious,beautiful………..name it.supaaaaaaaaa


  2. Personal development means changing for the better and improving ourself image as days go by. Do you have a photo when you were a year old crawling stark naked and probably smearing your entire body and eating your own shit? You have come from far my friend. Now you wear desighner clothes and probably drive your own car or is it a private jet?


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