Coast ‘PPO’ quits Baraka FM for Radio Kaya

The Musical chairs  game at Coast Radio stations seemingly is yet to stop.

This week saw the departure of Coast’s number one comedian Pyukapyu wa Pyukupyu Original commonly known as ‘PPO’, from Mombasa’s Baraka FM to Kwale’s Kaya FM.

New Home, Radio Kaya

It is important to note that three years back,  PPO left Kaya FM together with Nzula Makosi and Juma Mwana wa Mdoe for Baraka FM.

PPO’s first show back at Radio Kaya was Tuesday  10th May.

Sources at Baraka FM tell Mombasa411 that they have already identified a replacement for Pyukapyu and the new guy will be on-air soon.

Mombasa411 will update you further on new developments.

6 thoughts on “Coast ‘PPO’ quits Baraka FM for Radio Kaya

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  1. He is not even a journalist! I have listened to him both at Kaya, Baraka, back at Kaya, but no single day he ever interviewed a guest on air. Radio is all about peope the audience, no matter how much you make noise alone behind the microphone.


  2. Yes he left, but I stand to be corrected: Is it in order for Mombasa 411 to name ‘PPO’ as the number one comedian in the Kenyan Coast? Please, give us a break! The dude is not even nowhere in the list of top 20. Guys like Kokoro ‘The Doctor’ and Bosire Madiangi are true comedians, they don’t need to pretent like PPO to make you laugh!


  3. It is understandable that journalists have the choice upon them to chose where they can work. I can’t say much about this but i congratulate PPO for returning back to Kaya FM, himself knows why he shifts from one place to another.


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