Samuel Wanjiru: 10 Serious Questions about his ‘Death’

Nyahururu, Kenya

Questions have continued to pile up over what actually transpired in the night of Samuel Wanjiru’s murder, no, errr death.

Mombasa411 has been inundated by emails from near and far all with a common theme: ‘what we are being told ain’t enough,why…who.. .what.’

Indeed a lot has been put forward, trying to explain this young man’s untimely death…but eerily, one denominator persists: a woman is smack right in the middle of it all, be it suicide, accidental fall or plain ol’ murder.

Happier Times....Wanjiru with Wife, Trizah Njeri

As our once mighty Police investigators get down to some serious business of getting us some answers the following questions linger in our minds and refuse to accept the contrasting explanations put forward so far

  •  If Njeri had already left the house after catching Wanjiru red handed with another woman and was fleeing his ire when Wanjiru was calling out for her and consequently did not see him jump; how and when did she become aware of the need to bring in the police?
  • If Trizah Njeri was the one who summoned Wanjiru to travel to Nyahururu urgently; then why would the victim risk going home with another woman?
  • If the watchman did not see the other woman namely Jane Nduta in the car when Wanjiru arrived: where did she emerge from?
  • As Wanjiru seemed to be in a hurry to rush home at that time of the night to settle some issues and the Wife apparently away in Nairobi, how comes he, allegedly takes home a call girl for the night?
  • From where does the Wife (Njeri) appear suddenly from at the very late hours?
  • Is the watchman who ‘witnessed’ Wanjiru falling down the Balcony, the same Watchman who had dropped criminal charges against the deceased?
  • Who was accompanying Njeri at this hour of the night?.
  • Who called Njeri to inform her that Wanjiru had arrived and that she can now surface?
  • Why did she lock the husband in the house and rush to the police station to bring officers…why couldn’t she had done that earlier as she had come after Wanjiru? Why couldn’t she have requested the cops to accompany her to her husband before she busted him with the call girl?
  • And last but not least WHY did a renowned police officer like Jaspher Ombati, the senior most Cop at the crime scene, deduce that it was suicide and he wasn’t there? Isn’t that against police Standard Operating Procedures?
  • Why were we being ‘fed’ the suicide line FIRST?
  • See the picture below, note the Yellow Dot (commencement of fall) and the Red Dot (where Wanjiru allegedly hit his head). What are the chances of a fully fit athlete (drunk or not) dying from this fall?

AND WHY OH WHY ARE THE POLICE STILL FAILING TO SECURE CRIME SCENES?  Isn’t it surprising to see the deceased’s wife operating the CCTV camera system THAT could have possibly captured the late Samuel Wanjiru’s last dying moments?

The house is a CRIME Scene, suicide or no suicide! The should have been a BOLD NO ENTRY sign for all except detectives. These are the fellows the govt claims can effectively investigate the PEV cases!


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  1. Following the allegations that the late kamau wanjiru mother said to have sported blood in her son bedroom. Why didn’t the detective apply the luminol which could have luminised to show the presence of any blood stains, since it is said that njeri washed the blood perhaps to concel the crime scene evidence?


  2. 1st your facts are very wrong.
    the military was called to protect the Luo and Luyhia communities in Naivasha– they were being massacred and most had moved to naivasha cuz they are experts in the fishing industry. in fact the IDPs who were rejected in I think Uasin Ngishu were mostly Luo and Luhyia from naivasha.
    lesson two: Mungiki came to being during the Moi era–late eighties. Their beef was with Moi and they were preparing them selves to violently overthrow Moi thus the the reference to the term ‘children of the mau mau.’ they are not actually kids of the actual fighters, but rather it was the spirit of their freedom fighting forebearers they were endeared to. Moi though being the shrewd politician he was recognized and appreciated this threat and the sensitivity of it , so rather than violently quash it, which would have caused a civil war and international outcry and seemed tribally genocidal, he would invite them to state house and assuage them with gifts and allowing them to collect taxes all the while promising to step down. Mungiki had free reign-a parallel government among kyuks- during Mois era. Then in came Kibaki. Now they didn’t have a rallying cause–the government was Kyuk. the Kyuk political leadership was like, we cannot have two centres of power–one must eliminate the other. Kwekwe went to work. The beauty of it was that Mungiki could not cry tribal genocide to the international press thus the term extrajudicial killings came into our language but doesn’t have the same ring as genocide….limited international outcry. Then Michuki realized that the killings were not working cuz for every one they killed they created 20 sympathizers…remember this people have brothers, sisters, relatives, neighbors etc. So they changed the approach: let’s befriend them and assimilate them with us, so they slowly begun to woo Maina Njenga after eliminating a couple stickling points eg their spokesman.
    lesson 3: the Mungiki that “were” prepared to give ocampo any type of evidence was as it related to extra-judicial murder by the state not PEV. their spokesperson was assassinated in river road while ocampo was holding a press conference at the new Stanley after stating he would deliver evidence of extra-judicial killings to ocampo.
    lesson 4: if their was a shoot-to-kill order during PEV then why would that GSU askari have been begging Kenyans not to destroy the country ….remember him …he works for the UN now …wouldn’t he be ocampos first witness against the state? we all know that the Kenya police are not disciplined–some shot indiscriminately, while others restrained themselves. but a shoot-to-kill order? that is only an ODM smear tactic.
    lesson 5: the military was not called into ODM strongholds cuz there would have been global outcry as ODM would have used it as propaganda fodder.
    lesson 6: the retaliation in nakuru was worse than naivasha …it just wasn’t caught on tape. even in Kibera,Mathare, Eastlands, Kwangware, Kangemi, Kikuyu town retaliation had begun which is why ODM was trying to have forced circumcision to be included as a crime against humanity.


  3. Definitely there is something being hidden here by some or all the three pple who were present at the crime scene.if justice won’t b served here on earth then they should know in heaven there is an all-knowing God. The healing process is through knowing the cause of Wanjiru’s death.


  4. knowing the truth may not help much. Samuel wanjiru kamau is long gone and we are left to ruggle over what is none of our bussines. Let us focus on the living and leave the dead to sleep in peace.


  5. all in all, if wanjiru lived responsibly, with all the money and wealth he had, things could not have gone that far. people zikeni jamaa na wattoto wake waendelee kuangaliwa.


  6. If ur days are up, they are up! U’ll die in ur sleep, of a cold, accident, giving birth etc. Lets leave the dead ‘rest in peace’ n maybe just take a few notes from his life 2 make our’s better… Would be nice 2 win an olympic marathon though!


  7. true this…i this this aint a suicide thing at ol…i used to jump in the balcony of our dorms wen late for preps n am a gal……come on,i ges wanjiru cud do beta thn me…hmmmm…..


  8. Wanawake wana nini?When sumbody dies is wen they resurface na vibelly eti they are pregnant.sheet.Walk around n c if a woman will resurfate in a poor man’s funeral with such a case.I hate them.


  9. if the guy waited for the right for him to marry he cudnt have died,also he didnt get the advice needed from the parents.the mother looked about the money but not the future of his son.what is done is done,MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE.this is a reason to all young generation.


  10. If wanjiru Samuel had waited for some years to marry at least at age of 25 or 30 we could be talking of yet another Gold or an investment that could create jobs for 500 kenyan if not 500 000. women are the number one killer of men especially when money is involved. Oh God help me not to marry a woman who will turn guns on me. police do your work properly there is game in this case. many men have fallen victim of unresolved murder via there wive and the Kenyan detectives get training form US. UK .or Switz


  11. Oh what apity for a youngman to die soooooooooo early. his only problem…..MONEY……WOMEN….And most of all a WIFE


  12. You have done a good job in researching such pertinent questions. Most people get carried away infront of the camera while being interviewed by the press. They are unprepared for the questions that they are asked and will give answers that might not be entirely correct to give an impression of being informed and in charge. Thats the reason they contradict themselves on being questioned later on the same subject. Having said that, most Kenyans are completely incoherent in either English or Kiswahili and yet want to communicate in these languages. They have to translate quickly their thoughts from mother tongue into the language they are being intervied with. There is time lag in this process and sometimes the interpretation does not come out as envisaged. See how coherent the Kiswahili natives use the language. Its very nice listening for non natives as they converse in it.Why not ask the public servants questions in their mother tongue and translate the same in either English or Kiswahili? We shoud’nt be ashamed in speaking in our mother tongue. The Japanese,Russians, French, Irish, Italians public personalities speak in their tongues at international forums or even when meeting foreigners despite understanding English and arent ashamed of it. What we need is a proffessional group of pressmen that can interview and interpret correctly. Unfortunately, when Kenyans try to speak in English or Kiswahili the impression thay want to give is that of a learned person(English) or urbanite(Kiswahili). We are a nation of fakers! Simply put Wanjiru met his nemesis as we all shall. Whether accidental or murder he is gone for ever. Africans believe in conspiracy on matters of death. No death is considered natural! In a way its a mental therapy and goes to relief anguish arising from death since we get an explanation of some sort as to where our loved and enemies depart from our lives. What we want are answers to the questions of death whether right or wrong. What matters is the perception.


  13. 1. Was Nduta (the call girl) a total stranger to Trizah?
    2. The watchman says there was an argument between Kamau Trizah. Neither the watchman nor Nduta gave the details of the ‘argument’ and whether there was any scuffle.
    3. Why did the police rule out murder so early and failed to secure the scene of crime?


  14. From where does the Wife (Njeri) appear suddenly from at the very late hours?
    the wife new his husband behaviors, so she can appear at any time, as long as that is his house. may be she was waiting the husband from the children bedroom, and heard noise in the house only to find ……… husband and prostitute who claim to be part of the family,

    If am given part of his wealthy i would refuse, what a shame Jane Nduta???????


  15. This guy died forget him we have other issues to deal with. Those of you who have women know they can be very creative. The distance he fell was very far people fall in a bathroom and die there is not even a distance there so that distance and cosidering her fell head on which is most likely the case due to his state. As for cops they say this things but dont mean they are unproffesional. The man jumped from the balcony who else does that. He could have just let her go and she woould be back anyway. Look Sammy was a mess he got fame and fortune tooo quickly the poor wife was drugged into this mess and she tried. Saying that a woman was around him when he died is accusing women in general is unproffesional. You live dagerously you die just as much.


  16. I used to jump off from our our house that is in first floor, so telling me that this guy jumped off from the balcony and died is complete lie. Those who were present should tell the public the truth and what actually happended


    1. but the deceased was ‘drunk’ and fell on a concrete surface head first! very different from your ordeal Kilonzero…


  17. ltoo wonder where was the call girl as wanjiru entered his compound. at mid night where was njri coming from that late. all the same ther is still alot to be answered in line with this death. all l know something is fishy


  18. The watchman didn’t see the lady – Jane Nduta because The Late Wanjiru didn’t want him to see her. The lady went there only when she knew the wife was not there and made Wanjiru confirm that, that means the watch man would be the last person they want to notice.

    Do you know Majembe?

    When those KG cars convoy from one point to another, say Mombasa to Nairobi, they carry passengers illegally and they make sure the traffic police don’t notice that. So it doesn’t need any rocket science to make some lady stoop low under the dash board when driving past a watch man. And mind you the watchman’s job is not to check inside his boss’ car. That makes it even easier for him not to notice especially if the car was tinted (which it was) and if the lady sat behind or stooped low in any passenger’s seat.


  19. It is not good to judge, though most of our Kenyan adults are turning to promiscuity a lot, sex is no longer an ordained act and commission during marriage it has become the animal like. Kuku like to be specific. Most married couples have lost it all. But then, let us reflect back and weigh options, ant we loosing the HIV prevention interventions that we have worked so hard to maintain.


  20. The ten questions above notwithstanding, Wanjiru’s mun seems to have done a shoddy job of bringing up her son. The number of apparent sexual liaisons this youth has had seems to suggest an irresponsible lifestyle. For Wanjiru to be bring a strange girl (one night stand?) into your marital bedroom seems to suggest extreme contempt for his LEGALLY MARRIED WIFE.
    A postmortem should easily sort out the issue of the young man’s cause of death-murder,accident, or suicide?
    And why is his mum parading a total stranger as Wanjiru’s wife . It is Trizah Njeru who live with Wanjiru-not these other fakes.

    Cosmas Ronno
    Guasa Ngishu County


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