Samuel Wanjiru: 10 Serious Questions about his ‘Death’

Posted on May 18, 2011


Nyahururu, Kenya

Questions have continued to pile up over what actually transpired in the night of Samuel Wanjiru’s murder, no, errr death.

Mombasa411 has been inundated by emails from near and far all with a common theme: ‘what we are being told ain’t enough,why…who.. .what.’

Indeed a lot has been put forward, trying to explain this young man’s untimely death…but eerily, one denominator persists: a woman is smack right in the middle of it all, be it suicide, accidental fall or plain ol’ murder.

Happier Times....Wanjiru with Wife, Trizah Njeri

As our once mighty Police investigators get down to some serious business of getting us some answers the following questions linger in our minds and refuse to accept the contrasting explanations put forward so far

  •  If Njeri had already left the house after catching Wanjiru red handed with another woman and was fleeing his ire when Wanjiru was calling out for her and consequently did not see him jump; how and when did she become aware of the need to bring in the police?
  • If Trizah Njeri was the one who summoned Wanjiru to travel to Nyahururu urgently; then why would the victim risk going home with another woman?
  • If the watchman did not see the other woman namely Jane Nduta in the car when Wanjiru arrived: where did she emerge from?
  • As Wanjiru seemed to be in a hurry to rush home at that time of the night to settle some issues and the Wife apparently away in Nairobi, how comes he, allegedly takes home a call girl for the night?
  • From where does the Wife (Njeri) appear suddenly from at the very late hours?
  • Is the watchman who ‘witnessed’ Wanjiru falling down the Balcony, the same Watchman who had dropped criminal charges against the deceased?
  • Who was accompanying Njeri at this hour of the night?.
  • Who called Njeri to inform her that Wanjiru had arrived and that she can now surface?
  • Why did she lock the husband in the house and rush to the police station to bring officers…why couldn’t she had done that earlier as she had come after Wanjiru? Why couldn’t she have requested the cops to accompany her to her husband before she busted him with the call girl?
  • And last but not least WHY did a renowned police officer like Jaspher Ombati, the senior most Cop at the crime scene, deduce that it was suicide and he wasn’t there? Isn’t that against police Standard Operating Procedures?
  • Why were we being ‘fed’ the suicide line FIRST?
  • See the picture below, note the Yellow Dot (commencement of fall) and the Red Dot (where Wanjiru allegedly hit his head). What are the chances of a fully fit athlete (drunk or not) dying from this fall?

AND WHY OH WHY ARE THE POLICE STILL FAILING TO SECURE CRIME SCENES?  Isn’t it surprising to see the deceased’s wife operating the CCTV camera system THAT could have possibly captured the late Samuel Wanjiru’s last dying moments?

The house is a CRIME Scene, suicide or no suicide! The should have been a BOLD NO ENTRY sign for all except detectives. These are the fellows the govt claims can effectively investigate the PEV cases!


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