Impending TSUNAMI @ Radio Salaam?

The Grapevine is ripe on the yet to be confirmed news that a MASSIVE tsunami is  currently pounding Mombasa’s premier NewsTalk radio, Radio Salaam.

Our reliable sources tell us that several high profile names have been given sack notices effective end June 2011.

It is yet to be ascertained as to what could have led to this sorry state of affairs at the Home of Kenyan Coast News and Talk.

Mombasa411 understands that all is not well at the TSS Tower based station where the current mood is said to be tense and the air heavy with the fear of the unknown.

Mombasa411 is keeping its eyes WIDE open on this matter. We shall provide more Juice na Nyama Nyama kwa story hii, including the names,  as the D-Day approaches.

6 thoughts on “Impending TSUNAMI @ Radio Salaam?

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  1. Jamani ndugu zangu , hiviiiii, mbona ndo kuharibu kazi bwana? Hamwoni eti mnamwaga unga? Pokea rambirambi zangu kwa pigo hino.


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