DJ Mantixx: Did He Beat Up His Girlfriend?

Posted on June 29, 2011


We know how talented Dj Mantixx is….

Handsome...Dj Mantixx

He is without a doubt the King of the Streets and he is a big big draw…

That’s why we are yet to believe the following to be true.

Mombasa411 has been approached by a lady claiming to be sympathetic to DJ Mantixx’s squeeze (Joyce) who in turn has sent us a whole load of damning pictures detailing the revered Dj’s sojourns in the land of the apple.

Some of the pics which we will publish as time goes by, show him caught in an uncompromising situation.

However, the gist is that Dj Mantrixx has been beating up his girlfriend, claims that are yet to be confirmed.

The father of three  is said to have been greatly assaulting his  girl friend Joyce physically to an extent of breaking her arm.

More to follow……….

DO YOU HAVE MORE INFO OF THIS? Are you well aware of this claims? We would like to hear from you.