UPDATED: Former Voi MP, Boniface Mghanga, Dies.

The body of Former Voi MP, Boniface Mghanga who died in a road accident at Maneaters, a few kilometres from Voi has been taken to Mombasa’s Pandya Hospital Mortuary.

Mghanga died in a grisly accident along the Mombasa Nairobi highway, while he was travelling back home from Nairobi.

According to Coast Traffic Boss, Joshua Omukata, the late firebrand Ex-MP was alone in his car at 10pm when it rammed a stationary trailer from behind at 10pm Tuesday night.

More to follow….

32 thoughts on “UPDATED: Former Voi MP, Boniface Mghanga, Dies.

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  1. So sadly and suddenly Chairman, you were taken from us sir. Ever to remain in our thoughts,your words of wisdom to those of us who rubbed shoulders with you and loved you. Fare thee well maestro Mghanga


  2. What a pity time to the family and kenyans at large for losting a great person who was loving & caring for his country.may God rest his soul in peace.Amen


  3. A talented Music Director, A Leader and a good man. R.I.P Boniface. This is a very big loss which cannot be recovered. Condolences to the family , all Kenyans and all friends. Grace


  4. RIP Bonface Mghanga ,known him long ago as personal friend of my late Dad.(Mwaisakenyi) en famiy friend too,the encouragement he gave me during ma dad’s burial may his soul rest in peace.


  5. He was a very good man indeed he was our chairman at KUC though for a very short tyme he touched the lives of so many people,we will really miss you so much RIP Boniface


  6. He was my MP, accomplished music writer and a really Kenyan Patriot, Hayenyi sana awa mwafuilwa, isanga ni mwasigwa.


  7. We join the family in mourning during this trying moments
    Haki poleni sana
    May God rest your soul in peace
    Bye Boniface
    From Gerishon Kiongo


  8. oooooooooooooh Mghanga, you have left many with a hole that no one esle shall ever fill. you were a role model to many! may Our almighty ret your soul in eternal peace.

    we shall dearly miss you.

    we pray for the family. Lord comfort them in this hard time!


  9. Mombasa411, see what Avedi had to say about the late former Mp (he was my Mp) and you’ll understand what I meant. Good day too.


  10. Oooops! Pole kwa jamii. Sijui sana kazi yake kama mbunge lakini nilikuwa nafurahia kazi yake kama mwana muziki. Kisha lile tabasamu lake alipokua akiimba. Inahuzunisha kumpoteza. Pole kwa familia yake inapoomboleza.


  11. We join his family in mourning during this trying time. Apparently, Mombasa 411Blog is confusing the late Boniface Mghanga (A former Voi MP and an accomplished musician) with the former firebrand MP for Wundanyi, Mwandawiro Mghanga.


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