The Beauties Of Mombasa Aviation College, Enyewe ni Warembo!

Posted on July 12, 2011


Mombasa411 believes kwamba urembo halisi hutambulika!

Mombasa Aviation is one of the most respected colleges in the region and they lead the way in their annual Miss Mombasa Aviation contests.

There are online college classes available in aviation technology for those interested in aeronautics, but not able to attend Mombasa aviation.

Enyewe as you can see in the pics below, hawa madem wako juu. Take your pick!


I am in Love with this one...ukweli usemwe!

Ai Yawa!






Wow!! The Thighs are killing me oooooo!

Thats’ all folks.

Zengine tumebana but if u want them, send an email:

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