Celebrity Profile: Calvin Onsarigo, Coast’s No.1 Crime Reporter

Posted on July 13, 2011


The Onsarigo family name is definetly a blessed name….

It gave us Dennis Onsarigo (Pictured Below) arguably, Kenya’s finest TV Crime reporter.

The older Onsarigo, Dennis. KTN Crime Reporter

And now, if you are a keen observer of the Kenyan Coast’s media circle, surely you haven’t failed to notice another release from the Onsarigo family production line: Calvin Onsarigo, Crime reporter at Radio Salaam.

The Younger Onsarigo at The Kenya Navy Base

Calvin is a crime reporter per excellence.

He has even earned a nickname within his peers, ‘Bwana PPO’ as in provincial police commissioner, as a tribute to his being well connected with all the intelligence who’s who at the Coast.

In fact it is rumoured that he is one of the few reporters this side of Kenya who can BREAK criminal stories to a sitting PPO!! He he he, hii ni kali.

Calvin Onsarigo (Circled) with former Coast PPO King'ori Mwangi

Indeed it is further claimed that one time former PPO King’ori Mwangi insisted on the presence of Onsarigo before he began addressing the press!!

Mombasa411 hereby salutes this finest of reporters and wish him all the best on his journey to the pinnacle of Kenya crime News reporting.

Calvin (Left) with Big Bro Dennis (Right) and a friend at a wedding.

Watch Out Big Brother Dennis, your bro is around the corner!

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