Mass Communication Student @ Mombasa Poly ‘impregnanted by errant former Assistant Minister’

Posted on July 15, 2011


The man is at it again!!

A charismatic former assistant minister has scored another goal in his never ending quest to ‘sambaza’  mbegu’s left, right and centre.

A mass communication student at Mombasa Poly University College is the latest victim.

Hunting Ground....The Front Facade of the Mombasa Polytechnic University College

The 20 year old girl, is said to be three months pregnant and has already cut short her studies at the Tudor based learning institution.

A close friend who requested anonymity, confided to Mombasa411 that the lady has relocated to Vescon in Bamburi in a 3 bedroom house where the said Mp is paying her rent and making her ‘comfortable’.

The House @ Vescon Estate Bamburi.

The girl is also being given a monthly ‘stipend’ of 75,000 (too little!!), as she counts down to motherhood.

Seemingly this MP has a liking for mass communication students and media personalities if general……….

More details to follow.

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