Mass Communication Student @ Mombasa Poly ‘impregnanted by errant former Assistant Minister’

The man is at it again!!

A charismatic former assistant minister has scored another goal in his never ending quest to ‘sambaza’  mbegu’s left, right and centre.

A mass communication student at Mombasa Poly University College is the latest victim.

Hunting Ground....The Front Facade of the Mombasa Polytechnic University College

The 20 year old girl, is said to be three months pregnant and has already cut short her studies at the Tudor based learning institution.

A close friend who requested anonymity, confided to Mombasa411 that the lady has relocated to Vescon in Bamburi in a 3 bedroom house where the said Mp is paying her rent and making her ‘comfortable’.

The House @ Vescon Estate Bamburi.

The girl is also being given a monthly ‘stipend’ of 75,000 (too little!!), as she counts down to motherhood.

Seemingly this MP has a liking for mass communication students and media personalities if general……….

More details to follow.

25 thoughts on “Mass Communication Student @ Mombasa Poly ‘impregnanted by errant former Assistant Minister’

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  1. i pitty that mother to be, but let her nt wrry. Thats nt de end of lyf. Tafadhali mi nashangaa kuona eti that amount (75000) ni less, haki si ungenilipia fee hata kama ni 10k plz.


  2. So..,was she forced ‘raped’ ? Dd she even report this ? She wanted this..Thats why we pass through primary schools first,’im surprised that we still have such dumb heads..but we dont know anyway may be she’ll get married soon..


  3. i would have done the same thing ….but not the the “get her pregnat part …i would just practice her ….harrrrrd..who cares about ethics ….thats why the dick has a head with no brains ..use it


  4. hahaha……… we are found of that lst sem one more from mass com got a really worthy beating inje ya gate poly!!! who cares ni kuhustle!!!!!!!!


  5. Analogous tenet shared by blogs and tabloids is the audacity to name. articles tailored in a manner suggesting that the writer feared reprisals or litigation from those mentioned makes write-ups not only humdrum but devoid of the sexy aspect of such articles. In this case as a blog give us the name of the Mp and the lady. You’ve descried him as a scavenger of young girls, who are the other ladies who have fallen prey to him? Make it interesting further by spicing it up with his marital status and whether it is stable or wobbly, given the fact that you are portraying him as a man whose lust for young girls is inconceivable. Anyway it is just a little advice from your brother from a different mother.


  6. please try to be more news worthy next.tym. kama ingekuwa shoga kwa shoga the thats new if at all mmoja alimpregnet mwenzake. lakini hapa mume na mke tena past the todler’s vry ok.congratulation mp or x-mp. find the editor of this collum one frm polly naye
    ajitest uwezo wake.


  7. Sex sells and sells for a long time. Stories like this make this blog lively and entertaining. When men are having a drink and women are together slandering others the most juiciest topics for both genders is men and women and sexual relations . Such topics have many willing spinners and attentive listeners. The editor is just a messager of the message. Why stone him? If you have issues with the message get the actors and the actress. If they dont splash hot tea on your face for intruding in personal matters where both are consenting parties I dont know what your problem is. Find our at what age your mum got her first child andyet she is now a very respectable mother and probably proud wife who is a memebr of the womens’ gild. She coud as well have given birth to you when in std 6 or at best in form 2! Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.



  8. i think at the age of 20 someone is adult enough to know what is good or bad.the two birds come to agreement…why are we shouting yet the girl didn’t complain of harassment (sex) from the m.p?


  9. age 20 is enough to make an upright decision. the duo must had a mutual agreement before venturing into the merry making business!lets not point accusing fingers to anybody here since the chick is being made very comfortable in bamburi and besides she complied to the demands willingly!


  10. wats da big dea hea,she gave in n not raped,if she is wiling to kip da baby,its all on her own.kwani hu said mp’s cant have mpango wa kando??


  11. What’s the big deal? Aren’t MP’s and former MP’s allowed to have a little fun like the college boys and female students? Does the constitution bar members of parliament from sexual activities? tell me he was caught with a goat and that probably will make news. Please look for better news. Has the girl complained that she was raped. Maybe she’s going to be a second wife for all we know. God help me I might just insult the EDITOR!!!!!


  12. I fail to understand the editor of this blog! The only thing that comes out at the end is pointing fingures.You just like one Mohamad ali,your by lines arent ethicl,and you also like to blame.So How many wazees at this age have impregnated chicks? Is she the first one? So what,yet they agreed to it? U suck Men,just close your shop.


  13. Lets not be one sided in a debate, the errant what? No these ladies deserve every bit of what they get, sex is a mutual consent between 2 adults. the defination of adulthood only fixes the min. but not the max. age. They are both past min. age. The girl is happy, leaving is Vescon & getting 75000/- If its Kes, then its too much for the lady, the ex MP must be a very generous man, some men just impregnate and disappear in thin never to be seen again.

    When a thing like this happens only men are being potrayed as being evils, my observations is that these young ladies have become worse than we potray them.


    1. Polo you got it all correct. That girl doesnt deserve any mecry or remorse. Love is a give and take event and thus the otcome of it is a two persons liabilty. In their sober minds while having sex they all knew the repurcussions of their action and thus it was the girls obligation toknow her safe days and if she didnt know, then both were to consider safe sex.Now that they enjoyed the act together, let her carry her burden in silence religiously and make sure she explains to her child(after birth) who her/his real father is. As for the MP or ex MP, I congratulate him for being more than responsible to his actions.In these hard times seldom would you find a man giving out $ leave alone a five figure amount to a clande/one he has impregnanted. At this rate, how sure are we that its infact the MP who is responsible to the act since some of these girls have a funny character of playing men. Do we have a DNA test result ama its by assumption?? Nkt!!!


  14. Much as I deplore slunder/adultery, I find it ironical that the hype is being targetted at the former minister and the 20 yr old ‘student’ portrayed as an innocent ‘victim’.
    The bitch is 20yrs WOMAN who know right/wrong and if she got pregnant by ‘accident’ i.e sperms entered through her open legs or by design/scheme, it is not newsworthy.


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