Wedding Bells: Roncliffe Odit, Qfm, Set To Say ‘I do.’

It seems things are getting better for our man from Mombasa, Roncliffe Odit who is flying high in QFM.

Rumors has it that the eloquent and sexy presenter is getting hitched soon.

Enjoying life, like a true Jang'o! Roncliffe Odit

The bride to be is one Irene Kwamboka working with Kenya Airways as an air hostess.


In all her glory, The Fiancee, Irene Kwamboka in her KQ attire


It is said the 2 are so tight and it’s said Roni proposed to Kwamboka at a private ceremony at the Baobab Holiday Resort during their recent trip to the Coast.

The Lady...

Mombasa411 has managed to get a few snaps of the 2 lovebirds for your eyes.

What A Pair!

 Irene Kwamboka is Roni’s childhood friend, and the 2 have been dating for more than 2 years.

Na kama picha zasema kweli, Roni ameangukia, no wonder wale wengine wote walichujwa!!!

Tight as a ......

The wedding is set for early next year; stay connected to Mombasa411 for details.

We wish them all the best.

9 thoughts on “Wedding Bells: Roncliffe Odit, Qfm, Set To Say ‘I do.’

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  2. Hi Roni; your decision to pair- up is a Big Step in the right direction.

    If looks are something to go by, then it appears with Irene beside you , “yu can’t Go Wrong!”

    Welcome to the wild waters and as a sailor you MUST always embrace the beauty of sailing under rough tides. This game is no longer a bed of roses as before, because the challenge is huge but both of you can rise up to equal the challenge ahead.

    In Medical Sciences, before a Doctor prescribes a Medicament for his/her dear patient, he first runs a virtual Risk- vs -Benefit ratio evaluation. Thereafter he hands down the prescription knowingly that the patient will encounter some adverse reactions from swallowing the tablets but he stands to benefit more when the infection is subdued in the long run.

    Similarly; marriage comes packaged with substantial tribulations, but the fruits one gets are worth the risk we take.

    Well well…….

    Get on board Roni and “Never Sign Out”


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