Posted on September 20, 2011


Snuffed Out: A young man, Dead at the hands of a killer Shark

This is the picture of the 17 year old boy who died in Mombasa last weekend the 17th September after a ravenous shark attacked him as he swam along Mombasa’s Mama Ngina Drive.

This is the last picture taken of this young boy alive. He died minutes later.

Fact: He Died as a result of his injuries from a shark attack.

Fact: He Swam to shore after the attack, minus one limb bitten off by the hungry shark with it’s baby in tow.

Ujinga unaanzia hapa.

7 questions need to be asked about our immediate response following the shark attack and as the poor boy lay on the Coral beachside panting his last breath.

7 questions directed at the men and women in charge of our emergency responses.

7 questions directed to the men and women of the Coast Provincuial General Hospital.

10 questions directed to the men, women and all the Wadakus, who were first at the scene and yet could only gawk and point fingers like Mother-In-Law.

  • Is The Kenya Ports Authority and/or the Kenya Maritime Authority aware of the presence of ship tailing Sharks? Are they aware that when particular meat carrying ships are at the port so do the number of sharks around the port?
  • If yes, what measure have they placed to make the deceased aware of the danger of swimming at the area?
  • How much is a small signage along the Mama Ngina beach front warning people NOT to swim?
  • WHY was the boy taken all the way to COAST GENERAL HOSPITAL, over 5 kilometres away through midday TRAFFIC  and not the nearest hospitals WITHIN 1 KILOMETRE OF Mama Ngina Drive, Pandya Hospital, Mombasa Hospital or Aga Khan?
  • If He were a RICH man or a Mzungu, would he had been rushed to Coast General Hospital and NOT Aga Khan, Pandya or Mombasa Hospitals?
  • With Mama Ngina Drive being a dangerous area with a history of Accidents by the Ocean….why isn’t there a PERMANENT First Aid Unit there?
  • Why DID THE Coast Provincial Hospital leave the patient lying awaiting treatment at the emergency wing of the hospital for OVER 20 minutes?????

This is sheer incompetence, this is MURDER.


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