Snuffed Out: A young man, Dead at the hands of a killer Shark

This is the picture of the 17 year old boy who died in Mombasa last weekend the 17th September after a ravenous shark attacked him as he swam along Mombasa’s Mama Ngina Drive.

This is the last picture taken of this young boy alive. He died minutes later.

Fact: He Died as a result of his injuries from a shark attack.

Fact: He Swam to shore after the attack, minus one limb bitten off by the hungry shark with it’s baby in tow.

Ujinga unaanzia hapa.

7 questions need to be asked about our immediate response following the shark attack and as the poor boy lay on the Coral beachside panting his last breath.

7 questions directed at the men and women in charge of our emergency responses.

7 questions directed to the men and women of the Coast Provincuial General Hospital.

10 questions directed to the men, women and all the Wadakus, who were first at the scene and yet could only gawk and point fingers like Mother-In-Law.

  • Is The Kenya Ports Authority and/or the Kenya Maritime Authority aware of the presence of ship tailing Sharks? Are they aware that when particular meat carrying ships are at the port so do the number of sharks around the port?
  • If yes, what measure have they placed to make the deceased aware of the danger of swimming at the area?
  • How much is a small signage along the Mama Ngina beach front warning people NOT to swim?
  • WHY was the boy taken all the way to COAST GENERAL HOSPITAL, over 5 kilometres away through midday TRAFFIC  and not the nearest hospitals WITHIN 1 KILOMETRE OF Mama Ngina Drive, Pandya Hospital, Mombasa Hospital or Aga Khan?
  • If He were a RICH man or a Mzungu, would he had been rushed to Coast General Hospital and NOT Aga Khan, Pandya or Mombasa Hospitals?
  • With Mama Ngina Drive being a dangerous area with a history of Accidents by the Ocean….why isn’t there a PERMANENT First Aid Unit there?
  • Why DID THE Coast Provincial Hospital leave the patient lying awaiting treatment at the emergency wing of the hospital for OVER 20 minutes?????

This is sheer incompetence, this is MURDER.



Add yours

  1. IMAGINE on 13th june this 2012, my father had a kidney problem when we got to makadara gen.hosy at arround 2.00am at emergency they were to admit him for therapy at ramtular word as per doctors advice but since we entered the emergency room at 2.00am we just waited and waited without ant action mpaka saa mbili when i was told to prepay for adimision for ramtula just emagine i went to pay at the emergency the cashier said untill 8.00am ar cusualty section , after we paid the deposit we were turned down by the nurses saying that we have instruction to wait until the doctor comes befor we administer the patient any help as the doctor must give out a report for admision as we waited for the doctor to come they now sent us to enquire for bed and transfer to ramtulah word , they took our minds up and down until when the doctor came and infact was so concerned that he said it was very wrong for keeping the patient all this time without any administering aid. now they sent me to pick sample containers to draw the sample blood and the rest at another private hospital and on my way and infact i was already registering is when a call notified that my dad has passed on . now i ecided to transfer him to my district mortury so to get the funds back it wasted the whole day just because i paid for admision and he was never admitted they wanted to establish why was he not admitted emmiadately and if so i was to loose the funds of 5,000 cash. now i wonder what kind of hospitals nurses, doctors and entire workers in our midst infact i remember one asking me why i wanted the refunds as i will never get him back why should i seek for refunds of a dead man, and before he died i was asked to register the dad with nhif whom was an old man aged 70 and i wondered if i want to get him served do i have to seek such process or they get the patient treated first then other advice tofollow.


  2. Surely speaking there is a formality of pretending to be so knowledgable in life more so when it comes to proffessionalism here in kenya, but common sense is what makes us africans lag behind when compared to the western countries,what is all this education for people claiming to be proffessionals in such fields.I think its time for a new breed of generation to take over everything may be such occurances can be prevented.


  3. i have been2 coast general n i got pissed when a man died there as they waited a andikiwe kitabu. i mean wtf! save a life worry about payment later. we don’t care about the formalities, deal with the emmergency first! damn!


  4. His thrashing panic was the result of an attack by a Bull shark an attack that left his right leg all but ripped off. The shark attack victim his name is unknown was rushed to the Coast Provincial General Hospital where sadly he died some three hours later..Media reports of this awful incident and the events themselves that led up to the young man s death are somewhat confused The Star for example said he was believed to be less than 25-years-old while other reports place his age at 16 or 17 years-old but of what we do know both give rise to serious concerns and questions that need answers..First let us consider the role of the media in this instance..The attack was reported on page 11 of The Star last Monday 19th September .


  5. am the chairman of shelly beach rescue team. about five months ago i warned the fisheries department and likoni beach management unit about the shirks but the ignored me again iast month i talke to the likoni BMU, fisheries, red cross. kenya maritime authority again nobody paid attention to what i told them. now shirks are in shelly beach. u can see them swim. we managed to catch two shirks but they are not less than sixteen shirks. we need equipments to do the job. plz help.


  6. there should be warning signs, ad people should be always aware there are sharks at Mama Ngina.RIP.poor boy. and may the almighty God give the family strength.


  7. I myself live in the sailing for last 20 yrs but i have many cases of the thing same our govs should put sign board warning people about the presence of shark to avoid more loosing life


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