Will The Vice President attend Muammar Gaddafi’s Funeral?

Well, the despot is dead. Killed, to be precise…

It’s times like this you wonder, will his friends attend his funeral?

Muammar Gaddafi with Kenya Vice President, Kalonzo Musyoka

4 thoughts on “Will The Vice President attend Muammar Gaddafi’s Funeral?

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  1. ulikuwa urafiki wa ukora na udictator. pole mweshimiwa VP kwa kupoteza rafiki wa dhati. ulinyimwa visa ? mbona haukupita katikati?


  2. since they wr frends, he must attend regardless of wat, pple nu abt their frendshp, so y not attendin nw th@ a big pal z no mre, he must show th@ 2 e famly th@ he wz a frendo indeed…. xxx


  3. The man is an amiable (VP), capable able body on a conventional ship SS STEKAMUS registered in Mwingi. Lorded cargo in tripoli to kilindini using the shortest route. That was via the cape of good hope SA. Si ni wa kupita katikati yao???? Kwani Suez, Moses aliiziba na kokoto?????? ….This people who have been in the past three regimes have mega things in the closets we bought them. Lets try new guys like Eugene Wamalwa, Martha Karua, Peter Kenneth, Raphael Tuju (mtoto wa mboch. I think wamalwa can deliver.


  4. Real this is the moment Mr. Kalonzo should Shaw solidarity if he was a true friend to the dictator. But as well as i know Mr. Kilonzo , he is never to be trusted.


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