ODM ELECTIONS: Shahbal cries Foul…and This Is Why:

Crying Foul: Suleiman Shahbal

The Challenger for the Mombasa Governorship, Suleiman Shahbal, has today held a press conference and vowed not to recognize the outcome of the ongoing ODM Branch Elections which commenced Thursday 24th November.

At the conference held at the Royal Court Hotel, Shahbal vowed to take his fight to the High Court “for a just, free, fair and transparent election.”

Acting ODM Election Commissioner for Coast, Charles Walengai, told Mombasa411 that the “elections went smoothly all over Mombasa and the turn-out was good.”

He estimated over 10,000 ODM party members voted – a claim hotly contested by Shahbal who said: “The figure can’t be more than 3,000 – with most voters double voting at other polling stations to give a false image of a high turnout.”

A Shahbal Campaign Poster
A Shahbal Campaign Poster

At the Press conference, Shahbal read out a 5-point resolution as follows:

1. We totally reject this election and sanction against it.
2. The Party is not ready to organise a free and fair election.
3. We will go to court to erase this election. This was a rubber stamp election in which they elected one another. It is a sham election.
4. We appeal to our people to stand firm, they should not go to these bogus elections, just as they refused to do so today.
5. We appeal to our people to uphold justice and peace. Do not agree to start trouble even if you are provoked. I believe that politics is not fomenting chaos or hooliganism.

He concluded: “This is the first battle for bringing about change. First let us start with political change, then change for development.Let us abandon the politics of hatred and resort to chaos and deceit. I believe that changes are on their way and tomorrow victory shall be ours, God willing.

“Mombasa will shine again. God bless Mombasa, God bless Kenya.”

Answering Press questions, Shahbal said: “What happened was not just and we don’t accept it. There was no hurry in holding this kind of election.”

He added: “The days of imposing one’s will on the people are over. Mombasa people are not happy with the outcome.”

According to the election Schedule, November 24, was for election of sub-location representatives; followed by those at location level on 25th Nov and on 26th Nov. – sub-branch (constituency) and finally 27th Nov. – branch (county).

The date for National Delegates Convention still to be announced.

However Speaking to Mombasa411 at the Tarboush Hotel, Changamwe MP Ramadhan Seif Kajembe, dismissed as the sore cries of a loser, Shahbal’s statements.

He said Shahbal boycotted the elections after sensing defeat and that if he was man enough he should have gone ahead with the agreed upon ‘mlolongo’ queue vote system.

The results place Hassan Ali Joho, Ramadhan Kajembe and Masoud Mwahima in pole position to take up plum posts in the ODM party hierarchy here at the Kenya Coast as almost all their delegates and pointmen passed through.

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