PROPERTY WANTED: 3 Bedroom and Above House In Watamu, Kenya

Watamu Bay...One of the Most Beautiful in the world

Hello All,

Mombasa411 Property has been mandated by an Italian lady arriving in the country Saturday 3rd December 2011, as follows:

She needs a 3 bedroom and above house In or near Watamu, North Coast.

Our client has a budget of slightly over 45,000 Euros for the house, of which we have indicated to her for that amount she can’t get a beach property. She accepts.

She needs a house that has a garden of some sorts, with a perimeter fence/wall, secure and in good condition.

Houses with a swimming pool will be an added advantage.

Kindly send in your best offers, with selected properties including pictures, if available, to as soon as possible.

Mombasa411 hopes to visit the properties this Weekend in the company of the client.

4 thoughts on “PROPERTY WANTED: 3 Bedroom and Above House In Watamu, Kenya

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  1. The Italian lady could as well remain in her country, where her 45k euros means nothing, not even a dream of ever buying anything. She is way demanding! (garden with perimeter bla bla bla, …swimming pool…) what is she about to do in Kenya? Work? Or retire and live happily ever after in the African coastal breeze, for peanuts?


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