Look At This Picture…..Cry….And Pray For Our Policemen and Women

Posted on December 9, 2011


Shot Dead: Policeman, Shot By Gangsters In Mombasa, 8th December 2011.

This policeman won’t be home for Christmas.

This brave cop, won’t kiss his baby goodnight, no more.

This cop, even in death, vowed not to let his gun fall into the wrong hands…he died clutching it.

He died protecting you and me.

The policeman was shot dead by gangsters in Mombasa’s Bondeni area.

And as we all get ready to celebrate and make merry this festive season, remember the people who are out there in the streets…making the streets safer for you and me.

Let’s remember the men and women in uniform, who leave their families and risk their lives protecting us.

This December, Mombasa411 challenges you our dear reader: When you come across a cop, be it on the highway, around the corner mtaani kwenu, ama anywhere in town….do this – take off your hat, pigia yeye makofi, and tell him/her how much his/her presence means to you.

And why not, you can even buy him a Kilo of Nyama Choma apelekee watoto.

That’s the spirit.

Mombasa411 salutes our police.

Merry Christmas to the Men and Women wearing the crown.