Former Mombasa Water Boss Anthony Chitavi Imprisoned to TWO years Jail, Appeals

Posted on December 16, 2011


The former Mombasa Water and Sewerage Managing Director and Immediate Malindi Water Boss Anthony Chitavi was on Thursday found guilty by a Mombasa court and sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Chitavi immediately appealed the ruling and paid a 1.7 Million Kes bond.

Speaking exclusively to Mombasa411, Chitavi expressed optimism that the court of appeal will find him innocent of corruption related charges levied against him by the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission.

Flanked by his family members, Chitavi rubbished all claims against him saying they were baseless and he is 100% innocent.

Chitavi is one of the several managers KACC have been investigating over claims of corruption. He is alleged to have abetted corruption when he was the MD of Mombasa Water and Sewerage Company.

Sources at the KACC offices in Mombasa said they arrested Chitavi following consent by the Attorney General to prosecute him for failing to follow tendering procedures and abuse of office.