OPEN LETTER TO: Mohammed “TENGE”, Mombasa Governorship Aspirant

Dear Sir,

I know at this moment, you are grinning from ear to ear, as you drive along Mombasa’s streets, admiring your newly put up posters.

Wow, the are many and they are dominated by your face in a sheepish toothy grin…..

To remind you of the posters, they read: “Kaka Zangu, Dada Zangu, Mama Zangu, WAKATI NI SASA!”

You must by now be scratching your b*lls, admiring your handiwork and calling your printer for a job well done.

As you drive past KCB Jomo Kenyatta avenue, you look at your posters and smile…...’I am the man!’ you tell yourself…..

As you head to Saba Saba, you scratch your b*lls faster and deeper when you see 5 posters pasted on a poor Kenyan’s wall…..with your wide face…grinning!

“This is Brilliant!”, you tell your poor soul. “Ni mimi tu! nani kama Tenge!?”

Now sir, We have no problem you vying for an electoral position in Mombasa. In fact we don’t give a damn.

But Bwana Tenge, mbona wathuchafulia mji wetuuuuu!!!!


Pray, someone tell me, is it OFFICIALLY campaigning time?

Did we miss the announcement that Campaign time is now officially opened?

And for that matter, when are the elections?

As residents of Mombasa, we hate you actions Bwana Tenge. And your posters are doing a great injustice to you…instead of endearing you to the people…’s alienating you from us….

Imagine, as I came from Kenya Power to pay my power bills…which were unusually high this time…and as I drove past Coast Bus, with venomous fury at the Kenya Power inflating my bill….I see you grinning at me…sheepishly …..Tenge …..Wakati Ni Sasa…..Duh!!!!

And who took the picture for you? Did you contract a proffessional to advise you on the best pose?

Haki ya Ngai, your posters suck! They are a perfect example of what NOT TO DO in an election poster.

That grin, those teeth….taking a whole 90 percent of the poster….

Tenge mtoto wetu jamani, pesa zakuwasha? Mbona hukutafuta mtaalamu akushauri?

Let me attach some few PROPER Election posters below to enlighten you.

These posters are done by proffesionals:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now Tenge, you were and I believe you still are such an accomplished Taarab singer. But you need to get some professionals to handle you political image kaka….

And then one small issue, bro: Don’t you think you have started your drum beats way too early?

Good day Mr. Tenge.


Mr. Mombasa411


7 thoughts on “OPEN LETTER TO: Mohammed “TENGE”, Mombasa Governorship Aspirant

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  1. I very sorry for you it Raila’s pictures irritates your vision. He’s the next president come 2012 so kenyan’s should be aware of this. More posters should be printed and they should be everywhere to let kenyans admire this great president to be.


  2. I don’t see anything wrong with the posters, and if in any case its wrong, then blame not Raila. I strongly believe that he is not aware of this. You need to blame those people who placed them there.


  3. Hi guys . good work on this issue. I would suggest if you had also attached the posters for Mr. Tenge for those of us who have not been to Mombasa lately.


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