DEATH AT KPA: Man Stabs Dead Estranged Wife at Bandari College

It was a scene out of a hollywood blockbuster.

It was a scene out a Chinese cheap flick…possibly directed by John Woo himself..and by the end of it all…a woman lay dead. Reportedly stabbed several times by a man she had known for so many years as her husband.

The setting: Bandari College Hostels.

Time: Mid morning, Thursday 19th January 2012.

Theme Song: Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Mombasa411 has managed to get an insight into the incident.

The man, a guy by the name of Anthony K******, had been married to the deceased for several years now. In fact they have a two kids, with the eldest in form 2.

Their marriage has been on the rocks for some time now, with sources intimating to yours truly, that they were both accusing one another of infidelity.

The couple had even separated and living apart at the time of the murder.

Sources further say the couple were due to meet KPA Welfare staff today to discuss various issues including the welfare of the kids.

The couple, who stay at Highlevel area of Shimanzi have been having frequent arguments in the past.

On this fateful day, the deceased Susan Wambui, was summoned by her estranged husband to KPA’s Bandari college for what was termed as a brief chat and the woman unsuspectingly accepted the invite.

It was the last invitation she will ever receive.

As soon as she entered the hostels at the college, where the suspect is a lecturer, it is said her husband repeatedly stabbed her on the chest and neck with a knife he had carried on his person.

This is the second such incident at KPA in a spate of weeks, with our source confiding in us that a similar incident took place days back when a man stabbed his wife following a domestic row, but fortunately, the lady survived.

This begs the question, does KPA have a program to monitor and counsel it’s staff and help prevent and identify such sad incidents, right before they take place?

12 thoughts on “DEATH AT KPA: Man Stabs Dead Estranged Wife at Bandari College

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  1. its all over the world, u need guts,heri fadhilili mbuzi utakula nyama kuliko binadamu atakuhudhi.
    thats why guys dont get married dunia ya sasa.


  2. life is not about women alone. men are also entiled to the same life. if a woman misbehaves and the tempers flare what next?

    men keep on the fight as churches has also failed in their duties to offer solutions to such family problems


  3. ladies/husbands, stop having extra marital affairs. this is what causes all these. it is painful to both husband and wife to learn that the other is having an affair. the best solution is both parties to abstain fro sex ovyo ovyo.


  4. y do men in such most instances rush to kill? this shows how they are egocentric and think tz just them who have a right to life. men stop being selfish and converse


  5. This is very sad & very unfair. If u don’t love me why kill me? This leaves alot 2 be desired. God 2 give the family of wambui a lot of grace at this moment. Amen.


  6. Are we pipo aware or do we appreciate the gift which was given 2 us by our God. This is a gift of expression (talking) dialogue, with the concerned part & reach an agreeable point where each one of u is satisfied. This gruesome situation is uncalled for anyway. There4 a root cause has 2b established so as deter wud be offenders & victims.


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