University Gal to sell virginity to fund education

Mombasa411 received the following startling email:

This is the email we received....

The email is self explanatory. A university of Nairobi gal is reaching out to Mombasa411 to help her market (ngai fa fa!) her virginity to the highest bidder….to enable her further her education.

We held some further discussions with the lady in question and out of respect for her request we cannot divulge her private details. The least we can do, as per her request is give you her description:

She is 5′ 2″. She is 21 years of age. She is a petite girl, very athletic and she says, beautiful.

Worrying times: Nairobi University

When we asked her what motivated her to take such a drastic measure, she said she was inspired by a similar case in the US where a girl did the same to raise her college funds.

She can be reached at this email:

Whether Kenyan men will take up this challenge or not, remains to be seen, but what is clear at this point…is that somewhere in Nairobi, A Virgin is waiting..


31 thoughts on “University Gal to sell virginity to fund education

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  1. wewe ni mshenzi sana wake up if you are still sleaping who told you ata ukimaliza shuo utapata job so many have gone no where with that they are still on the streets with tettered clothes na viatu zimebit so AMKA NA UACHE KUABISHA MADEM NA KUREASON KWA UJINGA YOU ARE OVER 18.NKT


  2. There are better ways of raising funds than this so-called Nairobi girl’s. She sounds so dirty that the highest bidder on mombasa 411 may be worse than the ones she physical encounters. I regret.


  3. be patient,our nairobi mea,is fighting to legalise tha busness,once he goes thru,you will be luky but as for now,your mail proves you guilty as to kenyan laws.jipeleke police station upimwe na daktari kisha ufunguliwe mashtaka,na kama wewe ni mkristo,hio kanisa yako ifungwe mara moja.


  4. I highly doubt if this girl is a virgin, and you can even find that she is also positive. Another thing; she fears reasoning. If she was blessed with sound mind and she is very normal then she should count herself as one of the millionaires in Kenya. There is alot she can do to raise more than just school fees. Very few people got that opportunity of stepping in school even just for a certificate course. Let her be patient, utilize her brains properly and reap her sweat. Otherwise she should be ready to suffer the consequences of short cuts.


  5. This girl should have put faith in God. The word of God tells us that when one door is shut another one shall be opened. Even if her education was to be cut short, what God had planned for her is waiting somewhere. Put your faith in God the Almighty and He shall never disappoint.


  6. Let her stop being crazy! Thats not the way out. Learn to trust God, but not 2 lean on her own understanding. If she goes on her option 2 be ready to expose herseld 2 HIV & STD’S. She’s 2 young 4 that. God 2 give her wisdom from above& 2 give her life 2 jesus, he’s able more than able. AMEN.


  7. however much this lady could be genuine in her case,and ready for the repercussions thereafter, why then, cant she step out instead of anonymity? cz i believe anonymity even worsens everything and invites guys who will destroy her chances if genuine. if she came out openly, people posing as highest bidders wud opt for help in other ways instead of sexual.
    she shud beware that she will definitely come into contact with the outside usual guys who are out for their own benefit and of course not taking this as a serious bid!
    girls break their virginity cz of mandazis and funny stuff but this, if true, then shows how this lady is dedicated to her education. however, gal, think twice cz am damn sure there are so many different ways to make ends meet if u try them n if truly you are a go getter and you love your academics.
    lastly, how sure are you that whichever man who breaks your virginity will cater for your fees? and by the way failure to, there is nothing you will do to him translating to you having lost even your precious integrity.come-on gal pray hard for your doors to open and have faith for truly they will.wish i cud assist tho wish u well


  8. wish i culd help but wat if the subscribers of this blog help this lady we can make her life better than this advices pliz lets join hands she can find herself in danger men are men they play games pliz i request


  9. once one door is closed God is ready to open many others for you. I dont see why you should sell yourself after 21 years of safekeeping your privacy just because you want to persue your studies. Listen gal look for a part time job (dicsent one) and continue with your studies. Mean while ma prayers for you gal 24/7


  10. I fell for tat gal very much i wish i would help bt remember tat God is alwz thea let her depend in prayers and am sure that God wil answer her.


  11. OH… i forgot…. GGBC.,
    Global Give Back Circle
    The Global Give Back Circle was created to ensure an impoverished girl, with the will and desire to succeed, is able to keep on walking in her shoes. Whereby …
    About – The Mentoring Model – The process – A Kenyan Story
    their lots of organisation who care for the girl child….. though huyu ni raia…. ths one is just ur bstfit…


  12. ka nukwely,,, huyu dem hana relatives??? n cant her community organise a fundraiser for her education??? na shz 21 na ni ”virjo” wha!!! their r so many tings she can do…. tell her to apply to GGBC…. ama ka nikubrk anataka tuko wengi…. afu apunguze bangi!!!!


  13. very painful situation indeed, Let the Gov’t take up such issues, instead of this gal risk her life. she won’t know the status of the person she’ll entrust to break her virginity. If one door is closed, many more ‘re open for you so don’t force yourself. yr right tym ‘ll come. IN THE NAME OF JESUS.


  14. Ooh Jesus!I wsh i cud help 4 an alternative.I pray dat a hearted person wll kam into her rescue.Thr r so many out thr who do it in darkness,atleast ametufumbua macho.


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