University Gal to sell virginity to fund education

Posted on January 19, 2012


Mombasa411 received the following startling email:

This is the email we received....

The email is self explanatory. A university of Nairobi gal is reaching out to Mombasa411 to help her market (ngai fa fa!) her virginity to the highest bidder….to enable her further her education.

We held some further discussions with the lady in question and out of respect for her request we cannot divulge her private details. The least we can do, as per her request is give you her description:

She is 5′ 2″. She is 21 years of age. She is a petite girl, very athletic and she says, beautiful.

Worrying times: Nairobi University

When we asked her what motivated her to take such a drastic measure, she said she was inspired by a similar case in the US where a girl did the same to raise her college funds.

She can be reached at this email:

Whether Kenyan men will take up this challenge or not, remains to be seen, but what is clear at this point…is that somewhere in Nairobi, A Virgin is waiting..