Now they say it only one’s mother who knows one’s real dad.

People look alike yes, but once in a while, we come across two people who greatly resemble one another that it’s impossible NOT to ask questions…

FACT: The two men here are all legal experts.

FACT: These two men are some high ranking Kenyan Government officials, the first one The Attorney General of this great country and the second one in Local government as The City Clerk of Mombasa.

FACT: One hails from Central Kenya, the other from Nyanza.

Look at the following pictures and judge for yourself whether or not there’s a possibility…a remote one maybe, that Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai and Mombasa City Clerk Tubmun Otieno are related……

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Despite the resemblance, Mombasa411 has been reliably informed that the two gentlemen are NOT related at all…….


10 thoughts on “ARE THESE TWO MEN RELATED?

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  1. otieno’s father worked in meru cocco plantation where githus mother by then was a tea gal,,she was by then a prity kikuyu brown lady and thats y oti’s father was tempted,


  2. What happened to jicho pevu aka muliro garden saga? That was more interesting than who could have donated sperms for making of Tubman and Muigai….


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