Time To Act…

Two weeks back we published a story in which a UoN student had shocked the nation by offering to sell her Virginity to the highest bidder.

(SEE STORY HERE: http://mombasa411.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/university-gal-to-sell-virginity-to-fund-education/  )

Well as she tells Mombasa411, she received over 100 emails with almost 60 people offering various bids and others offering her a word of advise.

She has finally decided to bring together some few friends and organize a fundraiser that is set to take place Saturday the 4th February.

Following some advise from you our readers and the Help Africa Foundation and The Girl Child Circle Nairobi Chapter among others she has decided there are better ways to raise her fee than selling off her ‘booty’.

Now is the time to act.

Drop her an email: wildfire.nrb@gmail.com and offer your pledges. Yetu iko njiani sis!

4 thoughts on “Time To Act…

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  1. What a brilliant idea in mobilizing support towards such a noble cause! I bet she had no intention of going the whole hog. Hers probably was a project paper in marketing course and from the response she got am certain she will secure top marks for daring, ingenuity and varied responses.


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