SABOTAGE?: WAS KISS TV Mombasa Transmitter Mast Brought Down?

Well, well, well…

Mombasa and generally Coast residents woke up to a new visual experience in early December 2011, when Radio Africa group started its KISS TV transmissions from their Mazeras Transmitter site..a few Klicks out of Mombasa.

However, the broadcast was shortlived…as soon the Kiss TV Signal went silent.

Now Mombasa411 can reveal what went wrong: The newly erected Radio Africa TV Mast collapsed…in unclear circumstances and sources tell Mombasa411 that until this very minute…this ‘accident’ baffles Radio Africa’s top management….

It’s not everyday that you hear a Mast has fallen….come on, Patrick Quarcoo’s charges have been making masts all over the country and to the best of our knowledge..none has fallen so far…..

Sources further intimate that foul play by unknown forces could have scuttled KISS TV’s Coast launch….

Someone somewhere is said to have set in motion a sinister campaign against Radio Africa…which is viewed as a threat by the said forces.

Our Mole at Radio Africa further intimated to Mombasa411 that Patrick Quarcoo (Chairman) and Martin Khafafa (MD) have some seriously tough skins and that that this latest setback..won’t derail their expansion plans aimed at Making the group Kenya’s No.1 Media group.

Yetu huku pwani…ni matho tu….

7 thoughts on “SABOTAGE?: WAS KISS TV Mombasa Transmitter Mast Brought Down?

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  1. Coastals never stop to amuse me…to them there is conspiracy in everything that goes wrong. If it is’nt a jinn, grey haired and old hags aka wachawi reasons like poor workmanship by unprofessional contractors does not wash…


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