About Mrs. Tuju’s Attempted Suicide…and a love triangle…

Posted on March 2, 2012


Party of Action (POA) Presidential candidate Raphael Tuju is pleading with police to spare his wife, Mercy, from an imminent arrest over allegations of attempted murder and kidnapping, but police insist that he should negotiate with the complainant to withdraw the accusations, sources say.

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The development is a culmination of a “Love Triangle” involving the Tuju’s, a former policeman, a private detective and a woman who is Mercy’s long-time buddy. Drama started when Mercy’s female friend introduced the former police officer to her friend “so as to assist him get re-instated to the police force,” according to sources.

After a few meetings, a passionate affair blossomed between the two, who began regular ‘passionate meetings’ in a hotel in Nairobi’s South C estate. As the affair progressed, Tuju was informed about it and immediately hired a private detective who returned with explicit photos – confirming his paymaster’s worst fears.

Irked, Tuju confronted the wife and demanded answers about the affair. Annoyed, Mercy began searching to establish the person who had set her up. Her main suspect was the female friend who had introduced the former policeman. According to a narrative pieced up by the police, Mercy hired goons who went after her friend.

“They stabbed her at Bomb Blast Area and kidnapped her…,” police investigators said separately but consistently during interviews conducted by this website. The women was taken to a house in Hurlingham residential estate and after four days there, one of the kidnappers tipped off the police and reported the incident in exchange for immunity from prosecution should police decide to file charges.

Police stormed the house, rescued the woman and arrested the kidnappers. They have all recorded statements. The rescued lady was then taken to the Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Adam Arcade Branch, where she was treated.

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Meanwhile, Tuju was then summoned and informed about the incident. He was also told that wife would be arrested to answer to the charges as sufficient evidence had been gathered..

In that meeting with Nairobi Provincial Criminal Investigations Officer (PCIO) Peter Muinde present two weeks ago, Tuju was categorical, “ Kila Mtu aubebe msalaba wake-“ (Loosely translates to “ let everyone carry their own cross”

Police then decided to arrest her on February 20, 2012 and arguing a link to politics, he pleaded for more time. For a week, there was no progress, until February 28, 2012, when he headed to police headquarters to plead for assistance to settle the case away from public limelight.

Senior police officers reminded him of his previous position on the matter, to which he pleaded ignorance. At that point, police told him curtly: “The only path to ending this case is by talking and agreeing with complainant, no other way.”

Contacted, Nairobi police boss Antony Kibuchi said, “am sorry,I don’t know this number, I cannot give information.”

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