Louis Otieno To Be recalled By The Police….Next Week

Posted on March 2, 2012


Friday, March 02, 2012 – Louis Otieno, a former Kenyan TV personality is set to be recalled by the police next week. This is for more questioning by detectives investigating the death of Careen Chepchumba Kili who was found murdered last month.
New developments on the case are that the watchmen who were on duty at the apartment block where Careen lived are expected to be interviewed next week and thereafter, Louis will follow. This follows toxicological tests that proved that she did not succumb to poisoning but instead her death was caused by being strangled.
The Government chemist has since released these toxicological reports to the police. An official at the Government chemist said that they will have another round of interrogations in a bid to reveal other theories such as Careen was murdered.
Careen was buried last Friday in Baraton, Nandi. The police have been trying to go through her final details such as a phone call she made to her workmate claiming that she would arrive to work late- which she never arrived.
Otieno is still adamant that he is innocent.

The late Careen

He gave a press briefing a while back claiming that he was not involved in her murder, “The fact is that, following the unfortunate demise of Careen, a number of persons all of whom knew the deceased in one way or another, have been contacted by the police to determine whether or not they have useful information regarding the incident.
I confirm that I have been in touch with the police at Kilimani Police Station on several occasions, as is the case with several other persons and I am certain that I will be cleared of any wrong-doing or event that could have lent to the unfortunate death of Careen. Finally, I would like to assure the Kenyan public that I am totally innocent and that I have no doubt that I will be vindicated at the end of the investigations.
He added, “Our friendship was violently resisted by her parents and that is one of the issues where she was seeking help. I was not leaving off Careen’s money. I was not extorting from her .I bought her Volkswagen Golf and I paid for it in cash.”
Louis also defended himself saying, “I was her friend… I was her friend, and if there was any issue of harassment, why would it be in a single note? There would have been a history of that. There would have been a history of notes or letters of protest or harassment, and probably even, in the same manner I am saying, it is good to record those things and have them documented. She then would have done the same if that was the issue. So this single allegation of harrassment, I am not clear. I am not clear what it is about and as you have been told, it is being investigated.”
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